Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Lines of Calvin Klien featuring TOP and Yoon Eun Hye

As I had seen in AllKpop website, I was so shocked with the picture shown by them. Can you imagine both of my favourite artist TOP BigBang and Yoon Eun Hye were featuring together in New Line Calvin Klein in W Korea Magazine. I don't want to talk much and can't wait to show you the picture. See for youself, Peeps!

Look! How dramatic the picture is. I was too in LOVE with the Cardigan. (Correct me if I'm wrong!)

Aptly titled “CHEMISTRY”, the pictorial has been released online in two parts. Dressed from head to toe in a Calvin Klein wardrobe, the duo is clad in neutral tones with pieces including a vintage leather jacket, print shirt, denim jeans & trousers on T.O.P and a black bra, briefs, denim jeans and knit cardigans & dresses on Yoon Eun Hye. The look is completed with T.O.P’s hair in a slicked back side park look, and Yoon Eun Hye’s subtle smokey makeup.

The rest... Enjoy it! Sorry. Can't comment a lot. I was too busy with my job lately but in order of my passion towards Calvin Klein new Lines and those my FAV artist, I share with you all, Peeps! Like what people do always said "SHARING IS CARING"! Kih3x~

Lots of Love,
Alexandra Lee.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mystery Call from EQ...

Yesterday evening, once I got home from the office, I'm havin' my tea break with my parents and watching my favourite tv show at KBS channel which is "GAG CONCERT'. Once the show is finish, I straight away went to my bedroom and SLEEP! While I was so comfy in on my bed, all of sudden, I got a called and it's from my previous workplace which is Equatorial Hotel, Penang. 04-6327000 around 8:48pm... At first, I was thinking is my dearest Cheryl but when I picked up the phone. The caller remains silent. I kept saying "HELLO" all over and over again. Still the caller remain silent. At last, when I heard someone breathing, I quickly switched off my phone and throw it the phone away... My heart beating so fast and my mind is kept on spinning like a gasing. My mind and heart kept on saying the same name of person... At the same time, I deny it.

Surely, He must be happy with that INDONESIAN and not even thinking of a single second of me not even my name. So, I just let it be... Can you peeps imagine, can a phone calls made from the Hotel, can be out of coverage am I right? Hurm... Maybe someone else, who wanna called me I think. Not even him... I have lots of Darlings there... Maybe Cheryl, Emma or someone else there... Hopefully its not the INDON!

To the INDON, Please leave me alone. Don't ever interupt my life. I would be happy if you get your ass hole out of here...BITCH! I know... I shouldn't called you that but for me that's what you are and so do you BOYFRIEND~! You and your BOYFRIEND is such an ASS HOLE...!!! I think for whole my life... It's gonna takes time to forgive both of you guys... I was too naive and too kind to both of you before but in the end... This is what you guys have done to me... May GOD bless both of you... Amin... Happy for ya... It's ok...but I'll have no guts to forgive both of you yet just what I pray is both of you guys be happy and everlasting relationship... Amin...

Till then... I'm Done.

Alexandra Lee.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

You’re Cute – Kim Jung Ah (After School)

After watching this drama series at TV2, Malaysia channel showing starts at 5pm,at first, I'm not get so interested to watch as I don't even like the cooking drama series genre but as I follow the whole episode on that day, I was finally realized that one the actors is my favourite actor who is Alex Choo from Clazziquai. In the end, I starts to watch the drama series until now... kih3x. Once I followed, at the end of the drama series, they will be playing the same song everyday sang by Kim Jung Ah from girls group "AFTERSCHOOL" entitled You're Cute. Try to download it,peeps and sing a song using the lyric that I've prepared. Hehe...

나만을 사랑해 달라면서
namaneul saranghae dallamyeonseo
내손을 지그시 깨무는너
naesoneul jigeusi kkaemuneunneo
그표정이 너무 사랑스러워
geupyojeongi neomu sarangseureowo

물가에 내논 어린애라며
mulgae naenon eorinaeramyeo
자기 아님 난 안된다면서
jagi anim nan andoendamyeonseo
그렇게 나를 안아주던너
geureoke nareul anajudeonneo

하지만 사랑이 식었다며
hajiman sarangi sigeotdamyeo
더이상 보고싶지 않다며
deoisang bogosipji antamyeo
하루종일 나를 못살게 해도
harujongil nareul mossalge haedo

보고싶었단 내 한마디에
bogosipeotdan nae hanmadie
미안해 눈도 못맞추는
mianhae nundo motmatchuneun
미워도 미워할수 없는
miwodo miwohalsu eomneun
니가 너무 귀여워
niga neomu gwiyeowo

난 그냥 너만을 사랑해 이런 내맘 멈출수가 없어서
nan geunyang neomaneul saranghae ireon naemam meomchulsuga eobseoseo
조금만 이순간을 잡아보고 싶어서
jogeumman isunganeul jababogo sipeoseo
오늘밤에도 난 니가 너무 사랑스러워 정말
oneulbamedo nan niga neomu sarangseureowo jeongmal
잠들수가 없는 바보죠
jamdeulsuga eomneun babojyo

날위해 요리를 해준다며
narwihae yorireul haejundamyeo
좋아하는 요리가 뭐냐며
johahaneun yoriga mwonyamyeo
하루종일 나를 귀찮게 해도
harujongil nareul gwichanke haedo

정말 맛있단 내한마디에
jeongmal masitdan naehanmadie
다시 듣고 싶다며 웃는
dasi deutgo sipdamyeo utneun
미워도 미워할수 없는
miwodo miwohalsu eomneun
니가 너무 귀여워
niga neomu gwiyeowo

난 그냥 너만을 사랑해 이런 내맘 멈출수가 없어서
nan geunyang neomaneul saranghae ireon naemam meomchulsuga eobseoseo
조금만 이순간을 잡아보고 싶어서
jogeumman isunganeul jababogo sipeoseo
오늘밤에도 난 니가 너무 사랑스러워 정말
oneulbamedo nan niga neomu sarangseureowo jeongmal
잠들수가 없는 바보죠
jamdeulsuga eomneun babojyo

사랑한다는 말한마디 내마음을 들킬까
saranghandaneun malhanmadi naemaeumeul deulkilkka
바보같이 난 화만내고 그랬죠 내가 그랬죠
babogachi nan hwamannaego geuraetjyo naega geuraetjyo
그대라는 사람 어깨에 언제까지 기대고 싶은
geudaeraneun saram eokkaee eonjekkaji gidaego sipeun
내마음에 단 한사람 그대라는걸
naemaeume dan hansaram geudaeraneungeol

난 그냥 너만을 난 그냥너만을
nan geunyang neomaneul nan geunyangneomaneul

사랑해 이런 내맘 멈출수가 없어서
saranghae ireon naemam meomchulsuga eobseoseo
조금만 이순간을 잡아보고 싶어서
jogeumman isunganeul jababogo sipeoseo
오늘밤에도 난 니가 너무 사랑스러워 정말
oneulbamedo nan niga neomu sarangseureowo jeongmal
잠들수가 없는 바보죠
jamdeulsuga eomneun babojyo

baby love baby love oh ~yeh
baby love baby love oh ~yeh

Alexandra Lee

Penang Bridge, With Love 2…

Dearest Joey…

My life is feeling much better now. How was yours? Surely you are so happy with your love ones, am I right? It’s good to hear that… Well, my Job is great and everything going as smoothly as I wanted to be after I have endure so many pain and traumatized because of some tragic happen to me. As you know your sweet girlfriend have ambushed me for second time and after that happen, I have traumatized with INDONESIAN. I can’t talk, listened or even seeing any of INDONESIAN. I have unfriend all of my INDONESIAN friends and even locked up myself and avoiding meet people. Luckily, I have lots of friends that keep on supported and given me encouragement me each day, each night.

How can your girlfriend done that to me as when I’m with you before, I never said anything to her. Never ever avoid her to meet and go out having dinner and everything with you. Hurm… It’s all in the past. I should forget about it, am I right?

Yeah… as for your information, I have forgotten everything about it except for your girlfriend had ambushed me for twice and you don’t even defend me. This two, I can’t even forget… Even I can’t even forgive both of you. It really takes time. As I am a type of person that hold promises. I still remember that you kept on telling me I’m always being your first one and all your sweet words. I was taught that you will defend me once your girlfriend ambushed me but I can see is a big NO for that. Thanks for that, my dear.

Hope you will be happy with your loves one. Always pray the best for you and all the best in everything that you do. I always remember you as one of my dearest and my best friends and I do go to the place where we both sit and have some chit chat near the beach at Queensbay Mall that facing Penang Bridge. I always go there once when I’m thinking of you, my dear. You know where is it,right? Or you had forgotten where is it? Never mind… If you don’t even remember, I’ll pretend as if you never been there with me…

Thanks for everything, Joey… Your chipmunk is always by my side. Every night, I will give him a good night kiss and don’t worry. I always take a good care of the chipmunks. If you want it back, feel free to call me or text me. I’ll send it back to you. I won’t mind, Darling.

You’re a nice guy I ever known, Joey. Keep remain the same Joey as I know before and stay loyal to your loves one, ok? Till then, Take Care…

Lots of Love,
2:05 am

Penang Bridge, With Love 1…

To my dearest Joey,

Today, 29th September 2011, Thursday and this is our last day. We will not gonna call, text, email or chat with each other anymore as you wish. I’ve told you earlier that we should find one last day for us but you are so stubborn. You don’t wanna listen to me. What you always mention to me is “THIS IS NOT OUR LAST DAY” and you’re kept on repeating the same thing to me. I should go when I know you are committing with her before. Once I’ve said to you that I let you go, I was thinking that is was my last day for us but you are the one who kept on convincing me and said this is not our last day.

I was so stupid because I was too deeply, madly, stupidly in love with you. As you said that you can’t let me go, I’m always be the first one to you and this was not our last day, I was thinking that “Yeah, I should be with you and stay with you although as a friend. Keep on support and love you as a friend of yours”. Without even think the effect later.


Look what have happen. Where and when is our last day? Our official last day. I’m not put all the blames to you but I was so frustrated that we don’t even have any official last day. It’s ok… I accept the fate that we are not meant for each other but we should be separated in good way not in this way. I really don’t like it so much…

I let her go because she is younger than me. As I am thinking, if I fight back, I would be same like her. So, I let it be. People said that I should fight for love but if your heart is with her, then, what should I do? Moreover, we are in different religion, that’s why I let you go.

I love you and your family so much. Once I know, that they didn’t like our relationship, although it’s pain for me, I let you go… As you still remember, I cried because I let you go. I want your family to be proud with you and I don’t even want your mom to be sad because of us. I want they said to you, they proud of you as a first son in their family…

I’m thinking of our future and the risks happen. I don’t want you to get hurt and sad. So, I let you go. I let you go because I Love You Too Much.

Now, look what has happening to me? Nice huh? Being ambush by your girlfriend for twice? Did you think I’m enjoying this? Did you think I like it so much? Thank you so much, Dear… Thanks for giving me this… Today, I feel like I wanna express all my feeling here to you. Although, you don’t read it but this is it! I should be cursing you and wish of kicking and punching you right now but I can’t coz I love you…

Love is so stupid and makes me feel damn stupid because of you. Like I said before, don’t let me hurt again but still you’re hurting me so badly. Thanks for that too. I didn’t know what I’ve done in my past life. I always be nice to people but in the end, I am the one who gets all the shit! Nice huh?!
So, tonight, my head is blank and I have no ideas at all to write for you… May be tomorrow or later?

That’s all for now… Take care…

Penang Bridge, With Love,
29/9/2011 11:47pm

Friday, October 14, 2011

It Will Rain~Bruno Mars

If you ever leave me baby,
Leave some morphine at my door
‘Cause it would take a whole lot of medication
To realize what we used to have,
We don’t have it anymore.

There’s no religion that could save me
No matter how long my knees are on the floor
So keep in mind all the sacrifices I’m makin’
Will keep you by my side
Will keep you from walkin’ out the door.

Cause there’ll be no sunlight
If I lose you, baby
There’ll be no clear skies
If I lose you, baby
Just like the clouds
My eyes will do the same, if you walk away
Everyday it will rain, rain, rain...

I’ll never be your mother’s favorite
Your daddy can’t even look me in the eye
Oooh if I was in their shoes, I’d be doing the same thing
Sayin there goes my little girl
Walkin’ with that troublesome guy

But they’re just afraid of something they can’t understand
Oooh well little darlin’ watch me change their minds
Yeah for you I’ll try I’ll try I’ll try I’ll try
I’ll pick up these broken pieces ’til I’m bleeding
If that’ll make you mine

Cause there’ll be no sunlight
If I lose you, baby
There’ll be no clear skies
If I lose you, baby
Just like the clouds
My eyes will do the same if you walk away
Everyday it will rain, rain, rain...

Don’t just say, goodbye
Don’t just say, goodbye
I’ll pick up these broken pieces ’til I’m bleeding
If that’ll make it right

Cause there’ll be no sunlight
If I lose you, baby
There’ll be no clear skies
If I lose you, baby
Just like the clouds
My eyes will do the same if you walk away
Everyday it will rain, rain, rain...

It Will Rain by Bruno Mars is one of our new Twilight Saga soundtrack which is "BREAKING DAWN" will coming soon to our nearest cinema. Feel free to listen to the song. Nice to hear and suit for our ears. Check it out ;)

Alexanda Lee

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bout Him…

Well for so long I didn’t write here in my blog. So, let’s start back. After my last post, I got a job as an Event Executive in Equatorial Hotel, Penang. I was working there for 2 months. Just 2 months and within those 2 months everything happens in every single day of mine. My life, friendship and even love. Then, I take a strong will to leave the Hotel for some kind of reason and this is for my good too.

Although, I love the Hotel and everyone there, I keep on thinking that I’m doing this for the sake of myself. Then after 2 weeks staying at home… I got called from my previous Boss offering me to start working at Statistical Department under contract until the end of this year. So, I accepted it. About my working life is so clear and GREAT!!! But you know that everything in life doesn’t going to be perfect all the time.

About my friendship, yeah!!! I admit it! I’m so happy coz I have met with lots of kind people out there while working in the Hotel and my Stats Department but when it comes to love… It’s GREAT and I am so bless of meeting him but….

Here the story goes,

My first week of working in Equatorial Hotel, I felt so nice and warm with all kinds of people being good to me and plus my good friend Cheryl is helping me a lot with all those procedure for us to starts working there in B& C department… Cheryl is so sweet. She brought me around the hotel and introduced me to everybody there till one day, she brought me to the Front Office to introduce me to the Front Office staff including the one that I love the most now. At first, I taught he is a foreigner. So, I’ve being thinking that “Yeah, may be coz EQ is one of an International Hotel. So, why not a foreigner can be a Front Office staff, right?” So, I just smile to him and starts my worked as usual in the hotel. Working there is enjoying not because of the job but the people around me. I admitted that my job is kinda stressful but with everyone there that were so nice to me, so I think it’s worth it.

One Saturday which is I don’t get to remember the date, me and brother gone to watched movies at Queensbay Mall. We taught that we could catch a Transformers movie but we can’t. Once we reached the counter the ticket girl said to us “I’m sorry. All Transformers full house.” So, we chose the other movie which is a Malay movie named “KL GANGSTERS”. So, while waiting for the movie, we go around the floor just for window shopping. Once our movie is going to starts, my brother said that he wanna go to the gent’s room before we go into the cinema. While walking there, I saw someone that I really really recognized which is a foreigner guy whose working at Front Office in the same hotel with me. Once I saw him suddenly my heart being so fluttered and it was beating so fast. I walked to him and once I was in front of him, I felt nervous. Actually, at first, I was thinking to shake hand with him but under my control I was holding his hand while talking to him. When he went to met up his friends, my body is still shaking and suddenly I felt so happy without a reason.

Once I got back from movies still I felt so happy then I realized that something was already happening to me. I started to think whether I’m in love with that person or just a happy feeling cause I got to go out doing some shopping and watching movie. I talked to myself, I should checked on this matters just to reconfirm…

On Monday, when I started my working day as usual, I saw him and my heart beating so fast again and my adrenaline rushed to the higher level and I was so happy. Then at the moment, I started to realized that I’m confirmed in love with that person. Once my events started, I will always get to cooperated with Front Office staffs especially him. Then, one day, I took a strong will to asked him to check on his nationality. The answered that came out from his mouth make me shocked. I did not realized that he is a Malaysian. His father was a Malaysian and his mother was a Philippines. No wonder he look liked foreigners. He was a mixed. Then, we kept on seeing each other with others Front office staff including my cute Cecilia. Her malay accents make her cuteness appealing. I always go there to have a chat with Cecilia while sometimes looking at his face. LOL. Felt so ashamed to wrote it here. Till one day, I made up my mind to resigned working there. I told him that I’m going to resigned and he is the first person I told because it’s going to be so sad of leaving him, the person that I in love with.

Oh yeah, forgot one thing, there was a chipmunks story after that. One day, I have to deal with a guests and I was so frustrated with the guests. Once I walked at the main lobby, I saw a chipmunks soft toy in the drug store at that time there were no one at the Front Office counter. Once I saw the chipmunks again suddenly, someone out from back of the Front Office counter which was HIM. I walked to him and just then I told him to buy me that chipmunks. He was kinda shocked and everyday I asked him to buy the chipmunks and do always keep on disturbing him everyday, every night. I felt so happy once I’m with him. Till the end of my working day, he said he will kept his promise to buy me the chipmunks. I was so shocked. Inside my head, I was thinking that is it a real promise or just a joke? Until on my last day, a drugstore store cashier girl called me. She said someone had already bought the chipmunks. I asked her whether he is our Hotelier and is he Chinese? And the answer is YES! At that time, I stuck. I did not know what should I do? Should I jumped? Should I cried or should I go straight up to Club Floor and hug him?

So, the time has come, the clock is near 11 pm. Cecilia and others were planning to do a Farewell party to me at Blue Moon. So, I’ve said to him that I’ll go and see him at the Club Floor and we were planning together to go to Blue Moon. Once I arrived there at Club Floor counter, I saw him smiling at me. I felt all my tired all gone at once. Then, he walked to one of Club Floor wall and opened it. At that time, I saw a chipmunks came out from the wall. I felt so touched even I wanna cried because I was so happy. He made his promise. I walked to him and hug him with the chipmunks and we both walked together to the Blue Moon and our Farewell goes smoothly…

On the next day, we started texting each other and in the evening I was really thankful to my God because my love is not only one side but he said he loves me too. I was too blessed. I was so thankful to my God. Our love life begins.


I started to realized that he is not in the same religion with me, how bout his family acception towards me and him when his converting into my religion? I don’t wanna be a burden to him. How bout my side? How bout our future if we keep on going without bless from both parent? How am I going to teach him as I am not strong enough to bring him into my religion? Everything kept on playing in my mind till our first date, I started to told him everything and decided to be BEST FRIEND.
Once I got back from home, I cried a lot… Because I have to let him go the one I loved as a LOVER. Luckily he is much stronger than me. He texting me to make sure I’m in a good condition and everything. Although I am so sad at that time, I pretended to be ok as I don’t wanna make him worried bout me.

Until now, we were still Best Friend and we can’t even go further more. We can’t even help ourselves. Everything seems to be hopeless. But thanks to someone, because of her, I and he were in Fake Relationship as Lovers. Although it’s fake, I don’t even feel the fake because I found out that we acted as if we really a real couple. I am so happy be with him. He sincerely take a good care of me, being so understanding, caring, loving and I don’t even know whether I will find a guy like him after this…

To the one I love,

While I was praying everyday, I always pray the best for you. I hope you will find a better girl than me. Sometimes, I do wish and hope we could get married each other and live together for the rest of our life but I think we can only dreaming, darling. You are such a nice, patient, gentlemen guy I ever met. Even my first love don’t even treat me like you did. I love you so much, Darling. Proud to be with you, bless to be your girlfriend and thankful to be your best friend… What I wanna say is that, once you meet with someone you deeply in love with, just tell me… I’ll sincerely let you go with my open heart without no regret because since I’m with you, Darling, I felt so happy and bless everyday… You deserve the BEST,sayang… I Love you Forever.

Lots of Love,

Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Life now days…

Life getting bored by laziness these days. Some kind that I think one day I’m gonna turn out crazy. Who knows right? *MERONG*. Talk about crazy, I don’t wanna be crazy yet coz I have to go to some place, I mean my dream place. Kekeke… I wanna eat as much as I can, (stop for a while, running towards kitchen coz I forget to take my brother’s hard cover book that I put on top of the plate’s rack. Get’s to forgetful now a day, getting older and older but not even an inch matured. *SIGHS*) “YA ALLAH, LIMPAHKANLAH REZEKIMU PADAKU… AMIN…”

My life is not boring actually but I made it boring. Yeah, well, tell you guys the truth, I just sleep, eat and watch tv, movie. 247 on my lappy listening to my music… I just help my mom to mopping the dining and the kitchen, wash the whole wash room, do the laundry and keep accompany her to go here and there… I have sent my resume to lots of places whether in neither Local nor International but I don’t even get the answer yet from any company. Huhuhuhu…

Till then, still now I’m on the bed, keep on writing and writing until I myself stuck on what to write. Yeah, must be some of you guys keep thinking why don’t I go and find any jobs out there? For your information, I will find a part time job somewhere here but I wait for a week more to go just to wait for any call from any company that have interest to employ me to be working with them and then, if there are still no answer, I will go and find part time job and go to learn my forth language after Mandarin. Hahahaha…(Laugh out loud). So, I can brag to any of my employers that I have learned fourth language and can speak fluently. Proud to be Malaysian,peeps!!!

So, I think that’s all for now.

Till then, Take Care …



Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A place to go…Someday.

Can you see a guy with a bicycle with the background of a bridge up there? Well,guys. This is a place that I want to go to someday and somehow… I don’t know why I should go there but yeah my INSTINCT says that “Hunny, you should go there when you reach SOUTH KOREA someday… at 11pm at night.” I don’t know when should I go there because I haven’t earn any savings yet to go there and I just finished my Degree and my last final result still have not come out yet. Ya ALLAH, i’m really scares with the upcoming result that I really don’t know when it will come out. Swear to GOD that I can’t even breathe in and out properly if I mention about result.

Well, back to our earliest topic above. There were 30 bridges here in Seoul, South Korea and there are three bridges that attracted me were Han River Bridge, Banpo Bridge (second picture) and Incheon Bridge (third bridge). I don’t know why I like them so much but then it attracted me for about half year ago when everybody is going there and there were so many scenes taken there for such Korean Dramas and Movies themselves. Well, for those who are Korean maniacs like me, there should know why my heart really insists to go there for sure.

As one of my friends said, Han River Bridge is so much popular for any Korean Dramas or Movie shooting even for CF too such as HARU2010 where Changmin from TVXQ were the actor on it. (You guys can find it at any time). Then, There were also a scene taken there in Cinderella Stepsister that has being played before at KBS2 last year played by Moon Geun Young as Eun Jo and Gi Hoon there and last but not least there were also a scene where Kim Beom played as Yi Jeong in a Samsung Bodyguard HP CF too. See,guys! The place is so POPULAR among popular artist themselves. According to my believable sources, she said that there were 8-9 popular bridges that connect 3 districts at once which are Seoul, Gyeonggi and Incheon. What I mean, the bridges connect three districts at one time…! So cool,right!

As for your information, the one that I wanna go is HAN RIVER BRIDGE but in the end, I also speechless for what I want. Hahaha… Did you guys know why? There 30 bridges of Han River and I didn’t even figure out which bridge that I wanna go to visit yet. Just wait and see what’s gonna happen after 4 years later. Haha… May be Hangang Park would be nice, since Super Junior have done their CF on SEOUL 2010 or may be at Olympic Bridge since it was saying that the bridge is near Incheon International Airport itself. So, it’s easier for me to visits such places.

Should I go to the bridge as it shown in the first picture? Can you guys figure out who is he? Figure it urself, peeps! Will wait for the answer… *MERONG**WINK*
Well, we will decide it later as soon as my results are coming out later, ok? The results will decide for me whether I can go to South Korea or it will be just a BIG TRASH DREAM of a teenage girl all the time for almost 10 years…



Pieces of my mind trembling…

What does it means actually? Hmm… These days I just keep on thinking of my results. I mean my final part 6 result. I’m scared if I get below 3 pointer then I can’t even get to work as a Police Officer at all and I think it will take many years for me to earn saving for my dream to go to South Korea and be at my favourite bridge at 11pm sharp. What should I do, Ya ALLAH… Just now, I and my family were heading to “POKOK KETAPANG” Restaurant and you guys know what happen? I have expressed my feeling to both parents of mine about what I think about my result and did you guys know what they have said to me? Especially my dad, he said if I get below 3 pointers that mean he never believed that I have study hard for my final? What should I do? I think I have tried my best but then my HR carried marks and my BPR lecturer ways of marking can give SUCH BIG EFFECT on my result.

I can’t even sleep tonight. I can’t even feel comfortable as I did not get my results yet? Ya ALLAH, what if my results are really bad? Then what should I do? Where I gonna start my work? Can I manage to saves so much money for my travelling my dream place? Can I manage my life so well after this? The future is on my results. The result will decide my path of life! Really!!! Swear to my GOD, I didn’t get to go to South Korea, surely I live my life with full of regret and tears. I just wanna go there and feel the air of Seoul. That’s all. I wanna touch the land of Hangul myself. I wanna go there and wait on what’s gonna happen at 11pm at my dream Bridge. Should I said that I’m not gonna get marry until I go to South Korea? Should I do that,peeps?

With the ambiguity of my future, I still can’t even tell myself what gonna happen in front of me later. I can’t even predict what is going to happen to my life, my future and myself. I still did not even figure out the solutions to my future. What should I do and shouldn’t and I still didn’t know what I should plan and not to plan…




Thursday, May 26, 2011

Phase towards my Reminiscences.

Hari berganti hari… Masa berganti masa… Hunny menghitung hari untuk meninggalkan tempat dimana Hunny menuntut segala ilmu dan mengenal apa erti kehidupan dan realiti sebenar dunia. Specifically known as“SERI ISKANDAR,PERAK”. Sudah genap 5 tahun, Hunny di sini dan betul kata pepatah lama “Setiap pertemuan, pasti ada perpisahan…”. Dan itu sudah semestinya. Dulu, masa diploma, masa hari perpisahan, Hunny menangis teresak-esak coz sayang nak tinggalkan kawan-kawan sekolej, sekelas and especially sebilik. Tapi… kini, bila masa degree… Hunny tak dapat nak menitiskan setitis pun air mata untuk sesapa sahaja disini kerana Hunny rasa terlalu banyak kedukaan dari kebahagiaaan. Terlalu banyak kesakitan dari keselesaan. People are truth when they were saying that “L.I.V.E.=E.V.I.L.”. Memang pun. Hunny rasa makin besar dan berusia Hunny, makin jelas kekejaman dunia yang Hunny lihat.

Sehinggakan Hunny takut untuk melihat apa yang terjadi dihadapan Hunny. There is a quote that I have kept since 3 years ago, “YESTERDAY IS A HISTORY, TODAY IS A GIFT AND TOMORROW IS STILL A MYSTERY.SO APPRECIATE IT!” By looking back at this quote, I think that I not gonna believes it again. Yeah, it’s true that yesterday is a history and tomorrow is a mystery but TODAY IS A GIFT???!!! What do they mean by a damn “G.I.F.T.” words? Are the one who invented this quote is crazy enough? I don’t think I even received any gift at all each day? Does it means a GIFT=PROBLEM??? Yeah! Well, it’s damn good if you have said that a gift is equal to a damn fucking problem! So, I think it I shouldn’t hold that quote to be my life principle at all. I’m gonna use “L.I.V.E.=E.V.I.L.” coz there were so many devils around me on this land call EARTH!” Thanks to ALLAH… Alhamdulillah… Although, I have endured so much troubles and pain, ALLAH has sent me THREE BELOVED ANGELS AND GUARDIAN who is my OWN FAMILY MEMBERS!” NADEUL OMMA, APPA AND THE ONE AND ONLY DONGSAENG –Shii. Without them, I who have nothing! Without them, I’m dead! Alone here in SERI ISKANDAR.PERAK!

Alhamdullilah… Thanks to ALLAH once again for sending them to me. During the hardest time, they were the one who always been there for me. Giving full supports and even prays the BEST for me! I don’t even need anyone else LOVE for this! Just LOVE from my GOD is the most important, nadeul omma, appa, and dongsaeng! There were so many tears coming out from my unhealthy eyes. Both UNHEALTHY EYES because of something bad happen to me one year ago and I have to endure the problem till now! During my degree, I have endured so much pain rather than feeling so happy and thought it be the best memories ever! Nope! The happiness I gain during my degree is not enough to call it as the SWETEEST MEMORIES EVER! There are lots of tears and pain rather than happiness. Because of this kind of things, happen to me, makes me become numb. My heart does not even feel any LOVE at all. I have thought much on stereotype on people, I have started not to believe in people; don’t even judge a book by its cover! I HATE LOVE, COUPLE AND EVEN I CAN’T EVEN SEE THE DAMN SHIT “IN RELATIONSHIP” WORDS!

I don’t think that I am ready enough to have any relationship with anyone because of myself. I’m sorry but to say this “NAMJA BABOYEYO”. I have so much pain with LOVE! Until today, I don’t even feel enough what is LOVE towards opposite gender. For one and a half years, I have suffering the most pain in my life ever on LOVE. Then, I taught, I could open my heart to next person but I’m sorry, I can’t. I have tried but the more I’m into the relationship, the more pain I gain! I can’t even feel happiness and the feeling of sacred LOVE like before.

I have tried so hard to forget the sweetness of first love but I can’t! People have said to me “Hunny, each person is different in giving LOVE towards his girl…” but I can’t even feel the love that comes after him. My heart became so NUMB and I do not even feel the same way as I am before. What I feel after that was ANNOYED AND IRRITATING ENOUGH TO CRASH MY FRAGILE HEART!” I tried to pretend that nothing happen, tried to be strong, tried to pretend that I’m strong enough to stand but in my heart, I can’t even face the reality, I can’t even walk straight enough and stand firmly! My hearts broken into pieces as well as my brain does not even working normally. With so much pain, I’ve gain because of LOVE and the pain of reality of life and friendship; I can’t even see the world properly enough. Makes my world turns upside down, makes my pieces of soul fly away easily and makes my heart broken so fragilely. Because of that, I can’t even cry loudly and even screaming highly enough to tell everybody that I’m in pain. Enough to kill the whole world!. You know what, I feel the pain during my writing now but I can’t even cry heavily. My heart just saying that, if I cried or even scream, does anyone come and give their hand to you for favour? The answer is TOTALLY NO!!! ANDWAE!!!

Then what should I do? Should I run away and never return? Should I just end up my life just like a SNAP? Should I kill each of everyone that have irritated and annoyed me ever? Or should I just keep quiet and doing nothing while waiting what’s going to happen? Like I’ve said earlier that TOMORROW IS A MYSTERY? Ya ALLAH… I have enough of this kind of situation. I want HAPPINESS and TRUE LOVE that can give me new spirit of life, new LOVE, new perspective of LIFE, new air for breathing, new friends that does not even know the devil’s word such as BACK STABBING, SELFISH, JEALOUSY AND DOES NOT EVEN KNOW WHAT IS EVIL? Are kind of people exist or I think it would be just ANGEL can feel the same way as I have describe earlier. While writing this, I think, I have decided to keep myself SHUT! I will not interfere in anyone life even once. I do not want to get involves with people’s life, problems and even I don’t want to look back for what I have struggle with. Enough to feel the pain rather than have to endure it once again…

I think, I should stop here… I’ll write to you guys next time. Till then, take care…


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Kimono made in Tokoshima...

Kimono? What does it means...The kimono is a Japanese traditional garment worn by women, men and children. The word "kimono", which literally means a "thing to wear" (ki "wear" and mono "thing"),has come to denote these full-length robes. The standard plural of the word kimono in English is kimonos, but the unmarked Japanese plural kimono is also sometimes used.

Kimono are T-shaped, straight-lined robes worn so that the hem falls to the ankle, with attached collars and long, wide sleeves. Kimono are wrapped around the body, always with the left side over the right (except when dressing the dead for burial), and secured by a sash called an obi, which is tied at the back. Kimono are generally worn with traditional footwear (especially zōri or geta) and split-toe socks (tabi).

Today, kimono are most often worn by women, and on special occasions. Traditionally, unmarried women wore a style of kimono called furisode, with almost floor-length sleeves, on special occasions. A few older women and even fewer men still wear the kimono on a daily basis. Men wear the kimono most often at weddings, tea ceremonies, and other very special or very formal occasions. Professional sumo wrestlers are often seen in the kimono because they are required to wear traditional Japanese dress whenever appearing in public.

What i can say here, that i have tried it on myself at Gerik, Perak. It was own by my Lecturer's mom. My lecturer's brother is still studied in Tokoshima, Japan in Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering. What i amazed here that, i'm wearing a real Kimono made by real Japanese Citizen. Here the picture shown :-

Sorry if picture are not in High Quality. Its just i'm gonna focus on the Kimono only. So, you guys should see the Quality of the Kimono itself rather than seeing the quality of the picture. What can I say to you,Peeps... I was really glad by following my lecturer back to her hometown. At least, i enjoyed wearing real Kimono although it is a basic with wrong wearing techniques. Sorry... Gomenasai... :( Chotto Gomenasai... Huhu...with wrong Japanese sentence, i guess :P

So,guys... I have tried Kimono. I mean the real Japanese Kimono. Later i would say that i'm gonna try this Korean Traditional Cloth which is Hanbok.As it shown here,peeps ;)

So, what's your opinion on the Japanese and Korean Traditional Clothing? Nice,huh? Yeah... I tell ya,what? I'm feeling so lucky. At least, although i'm not going to Japan yet but i have tried one of their Kimonos? Am i right? :P I think we should save and earn as much money as we can in our Piggy Banks right now to go and see by ourselves the real unique of Japanese and Korean culture.. Come, let's go with me!!!

When, my saving is full for me to visit both country... I'll tell you guys here... ;)

Till then, take care...


Stress Beginz!!! Final Sem...

At first, I wonder when is the time I'm going to grad and do what ever I want to do.Because you see, things getting worse and busy from time to time. For those who have followed me before, they will know my weeks through "THINGS TO DO THIS WEEK!". I feel so stressed up with the surroundings and even classmates. Why? Why? and Why? I think i don't even interfere in their lives, i don't even waste their money and my don't even take their damn Boyfriend. I even have my own live, my own money and my own BF. Besides, i have my own Parents and don't even have to meet their parents at all. So, why should you guys have to disturb my Beautiful Relax life? I still wonder why? Get yourself out of my life! You MORON!!! Still, i heard lots of things that you guys talk about me...! What ever!!! ALLAH Maha Mengetahui!!! ALLAH Knows Everything. Remember peeps! What goes around comes around... Just wait and see... ;) You should think and realize what you guys doing. That's all.

Secondly, I have final by this coming Saturday and don't even touch any notes and book to study!!! Hunny!!! Stop playing with the INTERNET!!! STUDY!!! I have lots to study but I still relax. Can you imagining it? Hahaha... Lots of books to study and I'm doing nothing but to sleep and take lots of rest. I have fevers and cold since Last Saturday. I have seeking for the doctor meds and Alhamdulillah... Things get better from day to day... You guys know what, Hunny kne study 24 hours from now coz this is my Final sem and penamat segala2nya... I'm not going to pursue my study in Postgraduate. I have being sulking with someone in UiTM Perak and make my perception on lecturers change automatically. I had enough with this. Hunny merajuk and patah hati sangat with what happens nowadays. So, after this,I'm waiting for my results and going to find any suitable jobs,earn money,enjoy with any Korean Concert in Malaysia, pay PTPTN,going to my dream place and lastly, to perform my Hajj kat Makkah Almukarramah and Madinah Almunawwarah... Amin...Amin...Ya Rabbal A'lamin...Hope everything will go smoothly... Hopefully...

So, apa yang Hunny kne buat sekarang is to study habis-habisan for this final. Earn lots of pointer during this final sem and do the best for the last final sem. After this, there is no more student's life, i guess... I should get someone impress with me which is someone who look at me in different site. I mean the bad sites of me. Not only her but all of my classmates. I should prove to them that whatever they have done to me, it never affect me at all... Besides, I have to make my beloved lecturer especially, Puan N and Puan M to proud of me as one of their students! ;)

So,guys... Just wait and see! I just woke up and start my wars. I mean exam wars!!! Hahaha... I'm not blackmailing you guys but i'm gonna prove that what you guys think of me is totally wrong.I'm starting with all the equipments and stationery and start the engines to study for this coming final.

So, what do you think, after Hunny abis Final. The answer is "I'M GONNA GRAD!!!". Hopefully with SECOND CLASS (UPPER) DEGREE! Amin...

After, i'm graduating. I will walking away and never return to Seri Iskandar, Perak. Here, truthfully, Hunny tak pernah nak gain lots of sweet memories. I gain lots of BAD MEMORIES rather than SWEET MEMORIES. I think, i should walked away and never EVER return to this place. This place totally SUCK! With their peoples, their surrounding and even their air are totally suck! Totally BAD!!! You guys should get away and never ever try to be in this place. This place is full with people with bad life, bad hearts, bad habits and even bad thinking. I have experienced it more than you guys do. It's been 5 years I have living here. What i gained? NOTHING!!! Bohongla if there are no SWEET MEMORIES cause i have stated earlier that i have SWEETS MEMORIES too...
Sweet Memories during my UNDERGRADUATE study were... hmm...lemme think 1st:-
1. I have Puan N, Puan M, En A, En H, Miss I, Miss E, Puan I,Miss S(tak lama lagi gonna change to Puan)kikiki *^^* Lots of memories gain with them. Best lecturers ever! Especially Puan N!
2. With Adrenaline Rushed Crew (Aus,Ejad,Jambu,Chaq and Angah) My Besties Ever!
3. Bul and Own... My Juniors ever!
4. Juniors of Bachelor of OM221, UiTM Seri Iskandar, Perak.
5. Mak Cho,Kak Yang and Abg Hafiz.
6. Puan N's Family
7. Abah and Mama kat KL

Hunny rasa itu je kowt? Hahaha... Yang laen semua pening pale la! hahaha... Yg tak ada tue, Hunny minta maaf sangat. Korang tetap ada dalam ingatan Hunny forever and ever! Hope sampai disini dulu... I almost forget to take my meds. Karang lagi bertambah teruk demamnya... Hahaha... So, till then, take care :)


Converse Classic Black Shoes... My Dream!!!

Haha... You guys know what,this shoes shown above has being wore by my fave Korean actress, Moon Geun Young in Cinderella Stepsister. Basically, peeps, i really adore on her style in this Korean Drama Series played in KBS last year.

This shoes, has being wore by Bella in Twilight and Becca in Vampire Suck. It doesn't mean that i adore their style because I'm more on Korean style taste rather than Bella and Becca style. It's just i like them wear those shoes. Seriously, I should try one,should I? :P

As for this shoes above,it has being wore by Chuck in Gossip Girl. I think everybody have watched it,am I right? Haha... So cool right? This Converse shoes plus with acid wash jeans,long t-shirt with boyfriend blazer! Fantastic. That's what i want!!! Hahaha... Nice.. I should try one and will show you after this,ok? So, see you soon...


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Boyfriend Blazer...

Hehe... Bc0z of Her, Moon Geun Young who plays a role as Song Eun Jo in Korean Drama Series in "Cinderella Stepsister". I would say that i really in love with her style. Such as Boyfriend shirt with skinny jeans and especially her various type of cardigans and her "BOYFRIEND BLAZER". For me, the style sometimes look formal and at the same time, its shown feminine, girlish and professional. This kind of Boyfriend Blazer, can be found at selected outlet such as:-

Usually this kind of blazer will fit in any kind of cloth such as boyfriend shirt with skinny jeans, short pants or even dress. Either short dress or long dress. As picture shown below you can mix and match with is easily. Here are some picture for you guys to help in giving some ideas on how to wear boyfriend blazer :-

Based on the picture shown above, this kind of fashion wore by Selena Gomez. You can were boyfriend blazer with mini blouse and skinny with high heels. It will show your femininity. Through outside appearance. Usually, you can wear this kind of fashion on any semi-formal event.

Those picture above are the same pattern of fashion. For me, i like to wear like this when going out with friends or event going to any semi-formal events. Don't even wear this kind of style during formal. It's just for Semi-Formal or informal events such as parties. You can even wear this to club. I mean exclusive club. I not a clubber actually but i have been asking lots of friend bout their opinion on wearing this to club. :P

So, how bout ur style? I have shown my style. Can't wait to see your style :D


Monday, April 4, 2011

Things to do this week 4/4/2011-8/4/2011

Hunny dah pening...!!! Things to do this week... Sangat melampau. Apa yang perlu Hunny buat. Ini semua perlu Hunny habiskan untuk dapatkan segulung ijazah!!! Weee~! Dengan group mate mcm hape. Tak reti2 nak buat numbering lagi menambahkan kebengangan dalam diri ini... Haih... Ini jadual Hunny untuk minggu ni and apa yang perlu Hunny habiskan:-

a) BPR
-Case Study
-Organization "Process Flow"

-Download SPSS
-Pas test, analyze data untuk research-dapatkan pengesahan chapter 4 and chapter 5. Kalau boleh this week.

-Ingatkan Abah pasal Quality Management (company IJM)
-Cari Company Background sekali

-Test SELASA ini
-Be ready for report and presentation on Managing Change in SMKY

e)Print all the thing yang ada dalam pendrive "Print 4 Today"

After this sambung dengan common test and final examination~ Lalalala~!
Kita tengok sejauh mana Hunny boleh pergi... Huhu...
C ya!!!