Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Converse Classic Black Shoes... My Dream!!!

Haha... You guys know what,this shoes shown above has being wore by my fave Korean actress, Moon Geun Young in Cinderella Stepsister. Basically, peeps, i really adore on her style in this Korean Drama Series played in KBS last year.

This shoes, has being wore by Bella in Twilight and Becca in Vampire Suck. It doesn't mean that i adore their style because I'm more on Korean style taste rather than Bella and Becca style. It's just i like them wear those shoes. Seriously, I should try one,should I? :P

As for this shoes above,it has being wore by Chuck in Gossip Girl. I think everybody have watched it,am I right? Haha... So cool right? This Converse shoes plus with acid wash jeans,long t-shirt with boyfriend blazer! Fantastic. That's what i want!!! Hahaha... Nice.. I should try one and will show you after this,ok? So, see you soon...


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