Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sosej Masak Kicap-HuNNy

Sebenarnya... ari nie nak makan kedai tapi bila housemate Hunny,Damia kasi idea utk masak, so, we think why n0t kita selongkar balik resepi2 yg ada dalam stor otak masing2 utk makan. Haha... (Ini kisah pelajar2 bila budget makan dah larik jauh)

So, bila balik, Hunny tgk, Damia dah start potong2 sayur dye. Hunny tanya dye, nak masak ape? Dye kata nak wat Masak Sayur Kampung tapi... Bila masak tak nampak lak mcm sayur kampung. Nampak cm sayur western jew... kih...kih...kih...

Damia tanya Hunny dlm loghat Utara dye "Aku dah masak 1 mata, hang lak? Nak masak apa?" Hmm... Pas pikir and merobek2 idea dlm pale Hunny,tetiba... TING!!! Terpikir nak masak Sosej Masak Kicap..So, inilah dye...Resepinyer ;)

Enjoy the cooking,guys ;D


• 10 ketul sosej - dihiris nipis
• 1 biji cili merah - dihiris nipis (tmbh cili ijau)
• 3 bawang merah - dimayang
• 2 ulas bawang putih - dimayang
• 2 sudu teh serbuk kari- (Hunny ske sangat Kari. Letak Serbuk Kari Daging terbaik)
• 4 sudu makan kicap (Hunny gune kicap manis Kipas Udang)
• 1/2 batang lobak merah - dpotong pnjg(Hunny potong ikut ske,panjang kew,3 segi kew)
• Sedikit air
• garam- x letak-Letak cukup rasa or pasti sedap :D
• Minyak utk menumis
• hirisan halia - pon kita tmbh
• and sesudu sos tiram (nak letak p0wn boleh,tak letak p0wn tak pew.Hunny tak letak p0wn)


1. Panaskan minyak - tumis bawang merah & putih hingga kekuningan
2. Masukkan cili merah dan lobak merah - gaul
3. Masukkan serbuk kari - kacau rata
4. Tuangkan kicap & sedikit air
5. Masukkan sosej seketika, letak perasa and rasa ;P
6. Boleh diangkat & terus dihidang

Pas masak, boleh la makan dgn nasi panas and air sirap. Memang terbaik lah!!! hahaha... ;D


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Cute Cupcakes... 14/2/2011

What you guys see in the above picture, is my Handmade Cupcake to someone i kn0w. Especially for him and warga Bilik Meeting. I've made them for two days. Starting on Friday till Sunday Morning? W0w! Quite hard to decorate and doing the icing although its a simple recipe i get from the internet. Everybody can done it. May be next time, i will post the recipe here in my bl0g. ;)
The reason why i made it for him because i have promise him to make Cheese Baked Macaroni but when i searched for the recipe, i found it's hard to make it. So, i decide to c00k what i know to him ;) Haha...
So, i made sincerely from the bottom of my heart till my hand hurts and killing me coz i don't have a cake beater but never mind, since i've done it for him, f0r me it's ok. May be you guys think that the guy is special to me but i also didn't know what my heart taught about him. Sometimes, i really get confius with myself whether i like him or just my heart's playing.
So, i let God decide for me... The most important, i have work hard for him ;)If everybody know who is he, may be i'm dead coz he is quite famous among people near me... By the way... enjoy my cupcakes,dear... Sorry once again coz i can't make your cheese baked macaroni and my cupcakes is not so nice like "MEK"'s cooking. :P
Anyway, like i have said before, enjoy my cupcakes and smile for it. :D Take care,Honey B :D


Monday, February 7, 2011

Skype Video call with My International Korean Friend,Kim Eunsung Oppa ;)

You guys know what? Of course you all know by reading the above title,right? I just having my video calls with my International Korean Friends. Lemme tell ya even further. At first, we're both just having chat at FB only. Then, i think about skype. I tell him that i have a skype and wanna have a video calls with him but i have no confident at all.
But Eunsung Oppa as i called him, he is so confident and optimistic. He said. Why not? Let's both do it.Frankly speaking, i'm having a quite tough moment that time because,you know? I never talk to intern people accept my godmother from Australia. Elizabeth and Family. I really dun even have a single confident in myself to speak in English.
Lastly, i opened my skype and then... We are having chat together. W0w! Not bad. Actually,i can speak and can reply each words and sentences he said. Alhamdulillah...
Syukur... I fell so down when it comes to speaks in English, Mandarin and Korean. Actually, i'm learning those 3 languages but really have no confidence at all. Hope someday, i can improve and increase myself confidence about my language barriers ;) insyaALLAH...Amin..
Owh yeah... before i ended up here, he is now in Toronto,Canada. D0ing his English course there. Well, together we learn and practice our language through Skype,ok? Hwaiting ;)

That'all for today,people.
Thank you,Skype for make all pe0ple in the w0rld unite ;)


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

BowLing... 1/2/2011

Hehe... Apa yang korang tengok kat atas tue... Itula yang terjadi semalam.. Yesterday, i was s0oOoOoO BORING. Suddenly my lil bro ajak gi Penang Bowl for what? Bowling lew... So, Hunny p0wn dengan secepat kilat changing me cloth and straight away go there. Hehe... Then, when arrived there, both of us p0wn start the game.
Hunny as usual la, first frame, HANCUIH!!! Masa tue adik dah seronok habih! Dye ingat dah menang... Then orang ckp, rezeki ALLAH nak bagi, Alhamdulillah... 2 games doubles strikes Hunny bagi... So the t0tal is 4 strikes is a r0w. Haha... Syukur... Adik Hunny dah ngamuk2 dah. C0z when the tyme he played, mesti ada s0metink wr0ng with the pins.
Sorry adik... Kak L0ng wins... Haih... Miss my 0ld day. Dlu, when school tyme, Hunny ada gak join B0wling club sampai semi-tournament tapi tak terpilih... C0z ada yg lagi terer... Hehe... Itu p0wn 5 years ag0.Pastu, men dgn member2 p0wn 0nce in a while... Haha... Pape p0wn, I really enj0yed Bowling yesterday! Thanks to Adik. Love ya, Bro... ;)