Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mystery Call from EQ...

Yesterday evening, once I got home from the office, I'm havin' my tea break with my parents and watching my favourite tv show at KBS channel which is "GAG CONCERT'. Once the show is finish, I straight away went to my bedroom and SLEEP! While I was so comfy in on my bed, all of sudden, I got a called and it's from my previous workplace which is Equatorial Hotel, Penang. 04-6327000 around 8:48pm... At first, I was thinking is my dearest Cheryl but when I picked up the phone. The caller remains silent. I kept saying "HELLO" all over and over again. Still the caller remain silent. At last, when I heard someone breathing, I quickly switched off my phone and throw it the phone away... My heart beating so fast and my mind is kept on spinning like a gasing. My mind and heart kept on saying the same name of person... At the same time, I deny it.

Surely, He must be happy with that INDONESIAN and not even thinking of a single second of me not even my name. So, I just let it be... Can you peeps imagine, can a phone calls made from the Hotel, can be out of coverage am I right? Hurm... Maybe someone else, who wanna called me I think. Not even him... I have lots of Darlings there... Maybe Cheryl, Emma or someone else there... Hopefully its not the INDON!

To the INDON, Please leave me alone. Don't ever interupt my life. I would be happy if you get your ass hole out of here...BITCH! I know... I shouldn't called you that but for me that's what you are and so do you BOYFRIEND~! You and your BOYFRIEND is such an ASS HOLE...!!! I think for whole my life... It's gonna takes time to forgive both of you guys... I was too naive and too kind to both of you before but in the end... This is what you guys have done to me... May GOD bless both of you... Amin... Happy for ya... It's ok...but I'll have no guts to forgive both of you yet just what I pray is both of you guys be happy and everlasting relationship... Amin...

Till then... I'm Done.

Alexandra Lee.

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