Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Penang Bridge, With Love 2…

Dearest Joey…

My life is feeling much better now. How was yours? Surely you are so happy with your love ones, am I right? It’s good to hear that… Well, my Job is great and everything going as smoothly as I wanted to be after I have endure so many pain and traumatized because of some tragic happen to me. As you know your sweet girlfriend have ambushed me for second time and after that happen, I have traumatized with INDONESIAN. I can’t talk, listened or even seeing any of INDONESIAN. I have unfriend all of my INDONESIAN friends and even locked up myself and avoiding meet people. Luckily, I have lots of friends that keep on supported and given me encouragement me each day, each night.

How can your girlfriend done that to me as when I’m with you before, I never said anything to her. Never ever avoid her to meet and go out having dinner and everything with you. Hurm… It’s all in the past. I should forget about it, am I right?

Yeah… as for your information, I have forgotten everything about it except for your girlfriend had ambushed me for twice and you don’t even defend me. This two, I can’t even forget… Even I can’t even forgive both of you. It really takes time. As I am a type of person that hold promises. I still remember that you kept on telling me I’m always being your first one and all your sweet words. I was taught that you will defend me once your girlfriend ambushed me but I can see is a big NO for that. Thanks for that, my dear.

Hope you will be happy with your loves one. Always pray the best for you and all the best in everything that you do. I always remember you as one of my dearest and my best friends and I do go to the place where we both sit and have some chit chat near the beach at Queensbay Mall that facing Penang Bridge. I always go there once when I’m thinking of you, my dear. You know where is it,right? Or you had forgotten where is it? Never mind… If you don’t even remember, I’ll pretend as if you never been there with me…

Thanks for everything, Joey… Your chipmunk is always by my side. Every night, I will give him a good night kiss and don’t worry. I always take a good care of the chipmunks. If you want it back, feel free to call me or text me. I’ll send it back to you. I won’t mind, Darling.

You’re a nice guy I ever known, Joey. Keep remain the same Joey as I know before and stay loyal to your loves one, ok? Till then, Take Care…

Lots of Love,
2:05 am

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