Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A place to go…Someday.

Can you see a guy with a bicycle with the background of a bridge up there? Well,guys. This is a place that I want to go to someday and somehow… I don’t know why I should go there but yeah my INSTINCT says that “Hunny, you should go there when you reach SOUTH KOREA someday… at 11pm at night.” I don’t know when should I go there because I haven’t earn any savings yet to go there and I just finished my Degree and my last final result still have not come out yet. Ya ALLAH, i’m really scares with the upcoming result that I really don’t know when it will come out. Swear to GOD that I can’t even breathe in and out properly if I mention about result.

Well, back to our earliest topic above. There were 30 bridges here in Seoul, South Korea and there are three bridges that attracted me were Han River Bridge, Banpo Bridge (second picture) and Incheon Bridge (third bridge). I don’t know why I like them so much but then it attracted me for about half year ago when everybody is going there and there were so many scenes taken there for such Korean Dramas and Movies themselves. Well, for those who are Korean maniacs like me, there should know why my heart really insists to go there for sure.

As one of my friends said, Han River Bridge is so much popular for any Korean Dramas or Movie shooting even for CF too such as HARU2010 where Changmin from TVXQ were the actor on it. (You guys can find it at youtube.com any time). Then, There were also a scene taken there in Cinderella Stepsister that has being played before at KBS2 last year played by Moon Geun Young as Eun Jo and Gi Hoon there and last but not least there were also a scene where Kim Beom played as Yi Jeong in a Samsung Bodyguard HP CF too. See,guys! The place is so POPULAR among popular artist themselves. According to my believable sources, she said that there were 8-9 popular bridges that connect 3 districts at once which are Seoul, Gyeonggi and Incheon. What I mean, the bridges connect three districts at one time…! So cool,right!

As for your information, the one that I wanna go is HAN RIVER BRIDGE but in the end, I also speechless for what I want. Hahaha… Did you guys know why? There 30 bridges of Han River and I didn’t even figure out which bridge that I wanna go to visit yet. Just wait and see what’s gonna happen after 4 years later. Haha… May be Hangang Park would be nice, since Super Junior have done their CF on SEOUL 2010 or may be at Olympic Bridge since it was saying that the bridge is near Incheon International Airport itself. So, it’s easier for me to visits such places.

Should I go to the bridge as it shown in the first picture? Can you guys figure out who is he? Figure it urself, peeps! Will wait for the answer… *MERONG**WINK*
Well, we will decide it later as soon as my results are coming out later, ok? The results will decide for me whether I can go to South Korea or it will be just a BIG TRASH DREAM of a teenage girl all the time for almost 10 years…



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