Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bout Him…

Well for so long I didn’t write here in my blog. So, let’s start back. After my last post, I got a job as an Event Executive in Equatorial Hotel, Penang. I was working there for 2 months. Just 2 months and within those 2 months everything happens in every single day of mine. My life, friendship and even love. Then, I take a strong will to leave the Hotel for some kind of reason and this is for my good too.

Although, I love the Hotel and everyone there, I keep on thinking that I’m doing this for the sake of myself. Then after 2 weeks staying at home… I got called from my previous Boss offering me to start working at Statistical Department under contract until the end of this year. So, I accepted it. About my working life is so clear and GREAT!!! But you know that everything in life doesn’t going to be perfect all the time.

About my friendship, yeah!!! I admit it! I’m so happy coz I have met with lots of kind people out there while working in the Hotel and my Stats Department but when it comes to love… It’s GREAT and I am so bless of meeting him but….

Here the story goes,

My first week of working in Equatorial Hotel, I felt so nice and warm with all kinds of people being good to me and plus my good friend Cheryl is helping me a lot with all those procedure for us to starts working there in B& C department… Cheryl is so sweet. She brought me around the hotel and introduced me to everybody there till one day, she brought me to the Front Office to introduce me to the Front Office staff including the one that I love the most now. At first, I taught he is a foreigner. So, I’ve being thinking that “Yeah, may be coz EQ is one of an International Hotel. So, why not a foreigner can be a Front Office staff, right?” So, I just smile to him and starts my worked as usual in the hotel. Working there is enjoying not because of the job but the people around me. I admitted that my job is kinda stressful but with everyone there that were so nice to me, so I think it’s worth it.

One Saturday which is I don’t get to remember the date, me and brother gone to watched movies at Queensbay Mall. We taught that we could catch a Transformers movie but we can’t. Once we reached the counter the ticket girl said to us “I’m sorry. All Transformers full house.” So, we chose the other movie which is a Malay movie named “KL GANGSTERS”. So, while waiting for the movie, we go around the floor just for window shopping. Once our movie is going to starts, my brother said that he wanna go to the gent’s room before we go into the cinema. While walking there, I saw someone that I really really recognized which is a foreigner guy whose working at Front Office in the same hotel with me. Once I saw him suddenly my heart being so fluttered and it was beating so fast. I walked to him and once I was in front of him, I felt nervous. Actually, at first, I was thinking to shake hand with him but under my control I was holding his hand while talking to him. When he went to met up his friends, my body is still shaking and suddenly I felt so happy without a reason.

Once I got back from movies still I felt so happy then I realized that something was already happening to me. I started to think whether I’m in love with that person or just a happy feeling cause I got to go out doing some shopping and watching movie. I talked to myself, I should checked on this matters just to reconfirm…

On Monday, when I started my working day as usual, I saw him and my heart beating so fast again and my adrenaline rushed to the higher level and I was so happy. Then at the moment, I started to realized that I’m confirmed in love with that person. Once my events started, I will always get to cooperated with Front Office staffs especially him. Then, one day, I took a strong will to asked him to check on his nationality. The answered that came out from his mouth make me shocked. I did not realized that he is a Malaysian. His father was a Malaysian and his mother was a Philippines. No wonder he look liked foreigners. He was a mixed. Then, we kept on seeing each other with others Front office staff including my cute Cecilia. Her malay accents make her cuteness appealing. I always go there to have a chat with Cecilia while sometimes looking at his face. LOL. Felt so ashamed to wrote it here. Till one day, I made up my mind to resigned working there. I told him that I’m going to resigned and he is the first person I told because it’s going to be so sad of leaving him, the person that I in love with.

Oh yeah, forgot one thing, there was a chipmunks story after that. One day, I have to deal with a guests and I was so frustrated with the guests. Once I walked at the main lobby, I saw a chipmunks soft toy in the drug store at that time there were no one at the Front Office counter. Once I saw the chipmunks again suddenly, someone out from back of the Front Office counter which was HIM. I walked to him and just then I told him to buy me that chipmunks. He was kinda shocked and everyday I asked him to buy the chipmunks and do always keep on disturbing him everyday, every night. I felt so happy once I’m with him. Till the end of my working day, he said he will kept his promise to buy me the chipmunks. I was so shocked. Inside my head, I was thinking that is it a real promise or just a joke? Until on my last day, a drugstore store cashier girl called me. She said someone had already bought the chipmunks. I asked her whether he is our Hotelier and is he Chinese? And the answer is YES! At that time, I stuck. I did not know what should I do? Should I jumped? Should I cried or should I go straight up to Club Floor and hug him?

So, the time has come, the clock is near 11 pm. Cecilia and others were planning to do a Farewell party to me at Blue Moon. So, I’ve said to him that I’ll go and see him at the Club Floor and we were planning together to go to Blue Moon. Once I arrived there at Club Floor counter, I saw him smiling at me. I felt all my tired all gone at once. Then, he walked to one of Club Floor wall and opened it. At that time, I saw a chipmunks came out from the wall. I felt so touched even I wanna cried because I was so happy. He made his promise. I walked to him and hug him with the chipmunks and we both walked together to the Blue Moon and our Farewell goes smoothly…

On the next day, we started texting each other and in the evening I was really thankful to my God because my love is not only one side but he said he loves me too. I was too blessed. I was so thankful to my God. Our love life begins.


I started to realized that he is not in the same religion with me, how bout his family acception towards me and him when his converting into my religion? I don’t wanna be a burden to him. How bout my side? How bout our future if we keep on going without bless from both parent? How am I going to teach him as I am not strong enough to bring him into my religion? Everything kept on playing in my mind till our first date, I started to told him everything and decided to be BEST FRIEND.
Once I got back from home, I cried a lot… Because I have to let him go the one I loved as a LOVER. Luckily he is much stronger than me. He texting me to make sure I’m in a good condition and everything. Although I am so sad at that time, I pretended to be ok as I don’t wanna make him worried bout me.

Until now, we were still Best Friend and we can’t even go further more. We can’t even help ourselves. Everything seems to be hopeless. But thanks to someone, because of her, I and he were in Fake Relationship as Lovers. Although it’s fake, I don’t even feel the fake because I found out that we acted as if we really a real couple. I am so happy be with him. He sincerely take a good care of me, being so understanding, caring, loving and I don’t even know whether I will find a guy like him after this…

To the one I love,

While I was praying everyday, I always pray the best for you. I hope you will find a better girl than me. Sometimes, I do wish and hope we could get married each other and live together for the rest of our life but I think we can only dreaming, darling. You are such a nice, patient, gentlemen guy I ever met. Even my first love don’t even treat me like you did. I love you so much, Darling. Proud to be with you, bless to be your girlfriend and thankful to be your best friend… What I wanna say is that, once you meet with someone you deeply in love with, just tell me… I’ll sincerely let you go with my open heart without no regret because since I’m with you, Darling, I felt so happy and bless everyday… You deserve the BEST,sayang… I Love you Forever.

Lots of Love,


  1. so sweet. juz believe in yourself. if it is your jodoh with him, it will happen no matter what. juz believe and be prepare for anything that will come. I know u can face it.


  2. Thanks abg... Thanks for the encouragement and support...