Friday, March 30, 2012

Starbucks Hangul Tumbler and Mug...

I'll start my post with "ARGH!!!!!". Yeah... I really get so tense about it. Its all about Starbucks Hangul Tumbler and Mug. You know maybe for some peeps, people would say, "Ala, Its just a TUMBLER... What for do you get so tense about it?" but for me "ITS REALLY IMPORTANT!!!" As the tumbler and the mug were written in Hangul alphabets and those who are really close with me knows me well that I am so crazily addicted to anything about South Korea.

I am searching here and there about the tumbler and the mug but still I could not find them... I ask people here and there but still the answer are the same "I'M SORRY WE COULDN'T FIND THOSE TUMBLER AND MUG." I tried to search it online and hell yeah... I found it!!! But still i am do facing the biggest problem for myself. Its being sell in EBay and "FORTUNATELY" i did not know how to use Ebay.Com. Hahahaha (How silly I am right?) and so I still searching people who can help me buy those tumbler and mug. Its really precious for me. I would be happy if someone could help me and buy me those tumbler and mug... I will not ever give up until the tumbler and the mug reach to my hands. MY BARE HANDS!!! XD

How funny I am isn't it? Looking for something that I can't even reach but hopefully one day, I will own it for myself... insyaALLAH... Amin... Like in our Hadith said, "Allah will never dissapointed His Followers..." :)

30.03.2012 Friday 16:23PM

Snowbell jumped down 9th floor 29/03/2012

Yesterday, when I was got back from my hometown, there have one incident that I still can’t even forget about it. A cat like the picture above jumped down from 9th floor from my apartment and it happens in front on my bare eyes! Can you imagine that?

A cat that is so beautiful suddenly died just like a snap! *Sigh* I was so speechless until now my head is already full with the cat. How the cat moaned, how the cat cried… I still kept on thinking the same thing on my mind on and on…

How the owner cried out loud and how I be by her side looking at the cat dying every second. Hope the cat will be in Heaven for sure. Amin…

Nurul Syazwani
30.03.2012 Friday