Monday, May 14, 2012

Story behind Maybank2U and Maybank.

Assalamualaikum and Hi dearies...

Alexa ada 1 funny story that I really2 eager to share with all of you. Hahaha... Belum citer lagi tapi dah gelak. As for Alexa, it's so funny. Tergelak2 mcm nak pecah perut2 ni. Ok... Citer dia mcm nie... Did all of you dearies remember that I have ordered 2 Hangul tumblers and 1 Korean mug from a friend who lives in Korea? Well, I received her email telling that she is coming back to Malaysia on this coming Saturday, 19th May 2012. So, she asked me to bank in the money so she can post me those things that I'd ordered from her before through her Maybank account. 

Nak dijadikan cerita, I was thinking 2 ways on bank in the money either I straight away go to the bank and do some cash deposit right there or ask my Kakak to bank in for me through her online banking. As I was thinking so hard to choose which way is better to bank in my money, I was a bit confused what is Maybank and what is Maybank2U.

So, I decided to ask my Kakak after lunch about it. To make it short, after lunch, I straight away asked her about it. Here is the dialogue of me and my Kakak XD

Me : Kak Liza, nak minta tolong skit bley?
Sis  : Bley. Tolong apa?
Me : Ingat tak pasal tumblers Korea and mug Korea yang Nurul pesan tue? Akak tue dah nak balik. So, ingat nak minta guna Kak Liza punya Maybank2U akak bley tak? Esok  Nurul bawa duit bayar sekali kat akak,k?
Sis  : Bley. Tak de hal. Esok bagi akaun number dia.
Me : Tapi bley ke pakai Maybank2U? Mcm tak bley je...
Sis  : Tak boleh? Dia pakai bank apa?
Sis  : @#$%^&*()_&&^%???!!!!!! (Chasing me around library)
Me : TOLONG!!!!!

Hahahaha... So my dearies. REMEMBER. Don't be fool like me. Hahaah... Dumbfounded out of sudden.  MAYBANK and MAYBANK2U is the same bank,ok? HAHAHAHAHAHA....

Lots of Love,
Alexa Lee
14.05.2012 17:21pm

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