Monday, May 7, 2012

Luahan Hati starting from the last weekends... Huhuhu :(

Pheeww!!! After a Day and crazy morning la katakan... Today, I'm done with 4 session of Interview Session for new project at my working place. So, I have to invite back those who've being working here for the last 2-3 years ago came back and attending their interview session.

A ring by ring, i give them a called last Friday sampai nak rabak telinga Alexa. Haih... What to do. I have to fulfill my responsibility as HR,Admin and Financial Staff. Hahaha... XD After all that, I've done, I do proud and feel satisfied with my work here.  ;) ( I am now standing as a Statue of Liberty)

Hurm... Talking about last interview session, honestly... Alhamdulillah... Thanks to ALLAH everything runs smoothly. Syukur sangat but the I have certain stories that I wish to let it go here.

1) During weekend, ada seseorang nie, this human send me messages asking me about the interview. So, I answer the human nicely and in sopan way. But things getting harsh, when the human accused me without prove saying that I am the one who choose the interviewees. WTF???!!! HELLO!!! If you don't even know what is going on, then you should give my department a ring and ask it by yourself. Not to me neither to my officer but to my Director and Vice Director here. I know that someone related to your family didn't get the ring from us but I have tried my best to let everyone that is good to me participate in this interview  sessions. If can, I want to call everyone but as I mention earlier that this is a "CLOSE INTERVIEW SESSION", you know what I'm saying? Sakit hati betul la bila some people can't even understand what I'm talking about. I am not talking in Korean, Japanese or Mandarin as I always done to my closest friends. I AM TALKING IN BAHASA MALAYSIA, you IDIOT!!! Sakit hati betul ... Haih... To my deary, I am sorry to say that I do have some bad attitudes sometimes. Well, everyone is not PERFECT! "Dare Mo Kanpeki Janai Tte~No One is Perfect". 

2. Got this one human who I called here ***** :P Actually, once I know this human, I've taught that this human is so good. This human is so damn caring and nice to me. Even this human will call me and even take me to everywhere that I go but this is I just figure the real face of this human. Well, betul orang kata "Tak Kenal Maka Tak Cinta" as I know this person day by day. Know I know how this person and the geng acted. They acted as if they are the Leader of Our Department. Please la... You guys as just as same as me. I don't even acted as you guys did pun? Pelik la korang nie. huhuh...

After I have known how they are, I've personally "UNFRIEND" them in FACEBOOK. "SO LONG, SUCKER!!!" I have my own DAMN reasons why I've deleted certain of you guys!!! I've found out that you guys acting so weird as I did not know how to getting along with you guys again. I am so SORRY... After my UNFRIEND project has done, one of the human being send me message through my FB. Asking why I have UNFRIEND and did he/she had done any mistake? I guess I just keep it to myself , why I have to UNFRIEND certain of you guys out there. 

I guess... I have to stop until here... Cause it's already 5pm. I'm already getting ready to heading back home. Whatever it is. Alexa bersyukur sangat2... Everything runs smoothly. Alhamdulillah... As for those point above. It's just some kind of gaining experienced process. Till then, take care. 

Alexa Lee
07.05.2012 Monday 17:09PM

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