Thursday, May 10, 2012

Jom Chat bersama Dr Faiz Khaleed XD

Assalamualaikum Oll's and a very warmest greeting from me to all dearies out there...

Ok... Alexa nak citer skit about my happiness moment in my life happened yesterday... Ahakx!!! Yesterday, Me and my sis Kak Liza as usual we will read both newspapers Utusan and NSTP every morning to gain some information and knowledge from global activities. As Alexa selak punya selak... Pastu selak balik... Eh2!!! Macam kenal je mamat nie??? OMG!!! Terus Alexa jump up and down and you know what? It wrotes "Jom Chat bersama Dr Faiz pukul 9 malam ini". I was his die hard fans since 2006. Alexa pun tak tau why I like him so much but yeah... I like him because of HIM XD

Last night was like a dream... Dapat chat dengan Dr Faiz merupakan one moment yang Alexa tak dapat nak lupakan... Can you imagined? Each of my questions being answered by Dr Faiz! It's HEAVEN!!! I know may be some of my dearies will said "Dia buat dah..." or "Gila dah dak nie..." or "So pathetic...Kesian" and so on and so on... I don't mind, peeps!!! I'm so0o0o0o happy... Takkan korang tak pernah ada orang yang korang minat,kan? Tipulah!!! XD 

Citer punya citer... Teringat kat Kawan baik aku Azrul...
Sorryla... Aku susahkan ko malam tadi but I can't help myself. Aku tau ko penat coz baru balik dari keje but I can't take away my excitement towards him... hehehe...I really2 do excited dapat chat dengan Dr. Faiz. His my favourite Malaysian Man... Sorry coz kena dengar aku membebel, aku menjerit and aku segala2nyalah!!! Sorry coz ko kena layan kembar ko yg tak berapa nak center semalam... Hehehe... By the way, aku sayang ko,Bro... XD"

Below are those picture on Mejar Dr Faiz Khaleed :-
It's been a long time I never seen his smiling widely like this...

Focus on each questions XD

Photo with Utusan Malaysia and Yayasan Angkasawan crew members :)

The chat session longs for about 2 hours. Starts from 9pm till 11pm. It was worth it waiting... Rugi sesapa yang tak dapat peluang to have a chat with him. Syukur Alhamdulillah... Allah had given me this biggest opportunity to have a chat with him. Alhamdulillah... XD I am so HAPPY... Hope there is no one who can ruins my mood today... XD

Last but not least,

"To Mejar Dr Faiz Khaleed, 
Thanks a lot Dr for answering each of my questions. It was worth it to have a chat with you. I really hope that you can achieves in anything that you do and you reach your happiness forever... Take care and stay healthy,ya? "

Thursday 10.05.2012 14:07pm

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