Saturday, May 26, 2012

Seoul is ooo CALM [Hwajinpo Beach]

Hwajinpo Beach...
Hwajinpo Beach ~ For those who loves to watch Korean movies. Did you remember “Autumn in my Heart” drama series acted by Sung Seung Hoon, Song Hye Kyo and Won Bin. Did you peeps remember, when Eun Suh died on Jung Suh’s shoulder while his piggybacked her along the beach? Well, this is the beach. The deep blue ocean of Hwajinpo Beach invites an endless trail of visitors to the area where you can also find other attractions such as the magnificent Hwajinpoho Lagoon, historical summer villas and a refreshing pine tree forest. 

Hwajinpo Beach is originally known for its beautiful 1.7-km long shoreline, preserved with shallow yet clean water and fine sand. The spectacular view of sunset is another reason many visit this place. 

If you move inland from the beach you will find Hwajinpoho Lagoon. This is one of the most beautiful lagoons you will find in Korea, with its graceful scenery, surrounded by a forest of pine trees and a field of sweet briers. The lagoon presents a renewed sense of appreciation for nature. The name Hwajinpo, in fact, originated from the numerous sweet briers blooming in the region. 

If you head down south a bit from the beach, you will also find a few villas in the midst of the woods. They once belonged to historical figures such as North Korean dictator Kim Il-Seong and Korea's first president Yi Seung-Man. Some of these historical villas have been restored to attract many visitors. 

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