Thursday, April 12, 2012

Starbuck Hangul Tumbler's Translation... :)

Based on last two posted of mine about Starbuck Hangul's Tumbler and Mug, must be those who didn't understand Hangul alphabet keep on thinking what is the meaning of it. Am I right, my dearies? So, here is the translation of it. It's taken from Hangul Script from ancient named Hunmin Jeongeum. For those who really understand Hangul especially Korean citizen... Please do correct me if i am wrong,ok? Below is the picture of Ancient Hangul Hunmin Jeongeun taken from Korean Museum in Seoul and follows by the translation.

"Because the national language is different from that of China, it [spoken language] doesn't match [Chinese] letters. Therefore, when the ignorant want to communicate, many of them cannot achieve their intentions. Because I am saddened by this, I have newly made 28 letters. It is my intention that everybody learn the letters easily so that they can conveniently use them everyday.~ Hunmin Jeongeum."

How nice if we do really can understand Hangul... I wish I could understand more than everyone do... Till then, Take care... Please do leave your comments here. So that I can communication with all my dearies out there...

Alexa Lee.
Thursday 12.04.2012 9:04am

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