Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Starbuck Hangul Tumblers and Mug part 2 …

Assamualaikum Peeps,

Based on my last post about Starbuck Hangul Tumblers and Mug, Alhamdulillah… Today, one person that I really blessed to know and I just met through her blog Zarina Jani willingly to help me to buy those tumblers and a mug that I do searching for them for almost 3 months. Can u peeps imagine that? I was so blessed and I feel that ALLAH hear my prayer each day everytime I search those Starbucks tumbler and mug. Kak Zarina have already bought it for me and will post it once she get back from Korea. Such a Happy of Mine… Alhamdulillah… I was really2 thanks to ALLAH…

 To Kak Zarina, Thank a lot for helping to fulfill my dreams to have those tumblers and mug. I do really want it so much. Its hard to find it because from what I found, those products can only be find only in SOUTH KOREA… You light up my day, Kakak… I’ll wait for you each day until you coming back to Malaysia. ^^

Till Then...

4/4/2012 WEDNESDAY 14:59PM

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