Thursday, April 5, 2012

Shinhwa: Share Stories & Make You Laugh on Radio Star

Veteran group Shinhwa were recently on MBC “Radio Star.” The members shared a story about Eric’s (leader) habits when drunk, which made me laugh so hard:

 “there was a time when he got drunk and took off all his clothes…Eric was drunk so I took him home but while I was washing up, he took off all his clothes and ran outside. While naked he ran up and down the stairs of our apartment.” -Dongwan “I ran away so I would not get caught by him, but I ran bare foot and tore up my feet. He found me by following the trail of my blood.” -Eric

 Then Junjin talked about his father Charlie Park (singer) and his debt:

 “It was hard repaying my father’s debts..It’s not debt that happened because he did something wrong. The situation just wasn’t good… Now he is working hard.…My father is currently preparing to be active as a singer again. He might be releasing an album under our agency.” – Junjin

 And also Andy (helped produce Teen Top) talked about his regret in giving Teen Top permission to date publicly (funny):

 “I told them they can do whatever they’d like after winning #1. Because I said that, I feel like my head is going to explode” – Andy

 Eric (helped produce Stellar) talked about Stellar’s dating: I don’t oppose them dating publicly, but since they are all still very young, I want to do as their parents say.”

And So, Shinhwa make their own comeback with "VENUS" as their single HIT...

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05.04.2012 Thursday 11:51AM

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