Monday, April 2, 2012

Floating Market, Hua Hin,Thailand... XD

This picture is totally long time ago and I saw it in Nickhun's Twitter if not mistaken around last year,may be? So, today all of sudden, my head keep on spinning like gasing and last night after I dreamed about my one and only NICKHUN BUCK HORVEJKUL, I've decided to share with you peeps on Hua Hin Floating Boat at Bangkok, Thailand XD

Hua Hin has two new floating markets. The first is Hua Hin Floating Market and is located on 40-ral plot and the second is Hua Hin Sam Phan Nam Floating Market is located on 100-rai plot. Both are close to each other on Soi Hua Hin 112, a short drive from Hua Hin Centre.

Both floating market will offer tourists a number of food and shopping areas with a traditional Siamese theme recalling the days of King Rama V and King Ram VI.

Hua Hin Sam Phan Nam Floating Market will also have a new market section to be built in the style of classical Greek architecture. This section will offer both domestic and international brand name products.

Besides 200 outlets for food and souvenir shops and 40 boats offering hot meals, there will also be performances four times a day and train service that will run inside the projects as well as a reproduction of the well known Hua Hin Railway Station. There will also be outdoor activities such as cable ski service, water screen shows and a paddle boat service to take tourists around the market.

Hua Hin Floating Marker recreates the atmosphere of old Hua Hin with colonial design buildings and will feature more than 130 shops and 30 wooden boats selling hot meals, snacks, and beverages. There will also be local performances three times a day, including an elephant show by Hua Hin Safari.

Hua Hin Sam Phan Nam Floating Market will open daily, 10am-10pm and Hua Hin Floating Market will open every day from 9am-9pm.

So,peeps. Kinda of interesting right? Our favourite Nichkhun have already being there? So, when is our turn? Let's Go!!!

02.04.2012 MONDAY 13:04PM

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