Monday, January 30, 2012

Laptop Abang Anas Amdan kena Curi.

Dear Peeps, Alexa again... Ok, Let's straight to this HIT title above. About yesterday ANUGERAH JUARA LAGU 26 last night held in Stadium Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur. We are so happy talking about the winner, the performance, Remy Ishak appearance and so on while on the other hand, they were people that veiled with sorrow and sadness as this 3 siblings, Abg Anas Amdan's MacBook Pro and Abg Alif Amdan Canon DSLR 60D had being stolen by those irresponsible person.

For those who didn't know those two names above Anas and Alif Amdan are siblings to our National singer, Aizat Amdan who had performed in AJL26 last night with his song "SUNGAI LUI". As people were jumping and celebrating happiness, this three siblings were trying to search their things over here and there. Plus they keep twitting telling the irresponsible person return it back their precious things to them. They even wanna give rewards to those who are successfully return their things back to their hands.

Here are one of Abg Anas Amdan tweet in his Twitter account"-
“Aduh nak nangis. Bukan sebab kalah tapi sebab laptop kena curi. Tolong la wahai rakyat Malaysia. Bagi balik laptop aku.. Dalam laptop tu ada semua lagu-lagu baru yang aku sayangi. Please la sape yang curi. Aku nak balik..Ya Allah..Tolong la bagi balik..Please return my laptop! My life’s work is inside my Macbook pro 15."

Even our National Singer, Aizat Amdan had tweet in his account too:-
“Sesiapa yg ambik atau ternampak laptop mcbook pro AnasAmdan dlm stadium putra please pulang balik. Byk kerja hidup kami ada dlm laptop macbook pro dan camera canon tu."

“Tolong sesiapa yang ambik dr dressing room saya, pulangkan. Kalau sesiapa ternampak org yg disyaki masuk dressing room sy sepanjang AJL26 berlansung tolong beritahu."

So,please... My message to All. If you peeps have seing Abg Anas Lappy and Abg Alif camera. Please do return back. Remember, ALLAH MAHA MENGETAHUI. You may think that people didn't know what are you doing but ALLAH KNOWS. Remember, What Goes Around, Comes Around. Its a KARMA,did you know that? If the requital is not hitting you, may be it will hit your family members. Who knows? So, if you are aware of it,kindly do RETURN it back Abg Anas and Abg Alif Lappy and Camera. Please... Kindly do so... I know how is it feels when our precious thing that we are depend on lost in a snap. Please,We are begging to RETURN back the MACBOOK and the CAMERA...

Alexa Lee
30/01/2012 16:01pm

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