Monday, January 30, 2012

Remy Ishak appreance in AJL 26!

What a shock... Alhamdulillah... Allah is listening to my prayer. I was hoping before that Remy Ishak will do a cameo during Kisah Hati finale with Alyah XD I never expected that this would happen. What a BIG SHOCK! Can you peeps imaging, our "HERO MALAYA" doing his cameo gives a BIG SURPRISE to those who really DIE HARD FANS to REMY ISHAK including me.

Well, Alyah deserved to won "PERSEMBAHAN TERBAIK" aka BEST PERFORMANCE in AJL26! Haha... I'm fully satisfied with her performance as I am one of her Fans and the song really suited her voice, the theme, make up and the most important, HER VOICE! Her voice is too POWERFUL until its mesmerized me plus with my HERO appearance. Kih3x!!!

Ok, Done with that, Here is some details on REMY ISHAK that I wanna share with all of you,peeps ;)

Mohammad Zalimei Bin Ishak known as Remy Ishak for his commercial name. Born in 11th April 1982 from Negeri Sembilan. Came for separated family and started to work with various kind of job. Being introduced in this film industries by our famous director and producer OSMAN ALI and KHABIR BHATIA. His name keep on arising in our Malaysian Film Industries and even known in various kind of commercial such as for Dashing products ;)

For his BEST ACHIEVEMENT during his entire career as an Actor are:-
- Aktor Filem Terbaik (Filem Cun) - Anugerah Skrin 2011
- Pelakon Lelaki Popular-Anugerah Bintang Popular 2009
- Pelakon Lelaki Popular-Anugerah Bintang Popular 2010

So,Peeps... Here is simple details about our MALAYAN HERO that i can concise. Ahakx. Hope you will enjoy it *WINK3x*

Alexa Lee...

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