Friday, March 30, 2012

Snowbell jumped down 9th floor 29/03/2012

Yesterday, when I was got back from my hometown, there have one incident that I still can’t even forget about it. A cat like the picture above jumped down from 9th floor from my apartment and it happens in front on my bare eyes! Can you imagine that?

A cat that is so beautiful suddenly died just like a snap! *Sigh* I was so speechless until now my head is already full with the cat. How the cat moaned, how the cat cried… I still kept on thinking the same thing on my mind on and on…

How the owner cried out loud and how I be by her side looking at the cat dying every second. Hope the cat will be in Heaven for sure. Amin…

Nurul Syazwani
30.03.2012 Friday

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