Monday, February 7, 2011

Skype Video call with My International Korean Friend,Kim Eunsung Oppa ;)

You guys know what? Of course you all know by reading the above title,right? I just having my video calls with my International Korean Friends. Lemme tell ya even further. At first, we're both just having chat at FB only. Then, i think about skype. I tell him that i have a skype and wanna have a video calls with him but i have no confident at all.
But Eunsung Oppa as i called him, he is so confident and optimistic. He said. Why not? Let's both do it.Frankly speaking, i'm having a quite tough moment that time because,you know? I never talk to intern people accept my godmother from Australia. Elizabeth and Family. I really dun even have a single confident in myself to speak in English.
Lastly, i opened my skype and then... We are having chat together. W0w! Not bad. Actually,i can speak and can reply each words and sentences he said. Alhamdulillah...
Syukur... I fell so down when it comes to speaks in English, Mandarin and Korean. Actually, i'm learning those 3 languages but really have no confidence at all. Hope someday, i can improve and increase myself confidence about my language barriers ;) insyaALLAH...Amin..
Owh yeah... before i ended up here, he is now in Toronto,Canada. D0ing his English course there. Well, together we learn and practice our language through Skype,ok? Hwaiting ;)

That'all for today,people.
Thank you,Skype for make all pe0ple in the w0rld unite ;)


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