Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Cute Cupcakes... 14/2/2011

What you guys see in the above picture, is my Handmade Cupcake to someone i kn0w. Especially for him and warga Bilik Meeting. I've made them for two days. Starting on Friday till Sunday Morning? W0w! Quite hard to decorate and doing the icing although its a simple recipe i get from the internet. Everybody can done it. May be next time, i will post the recipe here in my bl0g. ;)
The reason why i made it for him because i have promise him to make Cheese Baked Macaroni but when i searched for the recipe, i found it's hard to make it. So, i decide to c00k what i know to him ;) Haha...
So, i made sincerely from the bottom of my heart till my hand hurts and killing me coz i don't have a cake beater but never mind, since i've done it for him, f0r me it's ok. May be you guys think that the guy is special to me but i also didn't know what my heart taught about him. Sometimes, i really get confius with myself whether i like him or just my heart's playing.
So, i let God decide for me... The most important, i have work hard for him ;)If everybody know who is he, may be i'm dead coz he is quite famous among people near me... By the way... enjoy my cupcakes,dear... Sorry once again coz i can't make your cheese baked macaroni and my cupcakes is not so nice like "MEK"'s cooking. :P
Anyway, like i have said before, enjoy my cupcakes and smile for it. :D Take care,Honey B :D



  1. sape kah??? tak anta kat aku pun.....wanie tak syg aku dah....hahahahha

  2. Mana ada... Aku anto kat somebody yg sape p0wn tak kenal. Aku sentiasa sayang ko,Gmah...Selamanya... :D