Thursday, October 14, 2010

Still 2PM New Mini Album ;)

New mini album 2PM is coming out!!! Yippi!!! I have heard all the song in the mini album and don't forget to watch I'll be back Music Video by 2PM. OMG!!! The best from them. Check out their new album and enjoy! I suggest you guys listen to track 2,3 and 7.

Here is the tracklist in Still 2PM Album:-

1) Still (Intro)
2) I'll be Back
3) I Can't
4) I know
5) Dance 2 Night
6) Even if you leave me
7) I'll be Back (Club Remix)

Here is I'll Be Back Video Clip. Hope everyone will enjoy and do always support 2PM!!! Kamsahanida ;) If you get interest on 2PM,don't forget to buy their new mini album STILL 2PM ;) Hottest always love you, 2PM! Fighthing!!! For those who want to be one of the MALAYSIA HOTTEST,you can log on to and register yourself as one of the hottest and thank you to all of you who always do support 2PM!

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