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2PM’s Nichkhun secretly volunteers at facility for disabled children

2PM’s Nichkhun has decided to spend his time reflecting on his actions by doing community service.
It was recently revealed that the 2PM member has been volunteering at a Buddhist welfare facility for the disabled located in the Seongbuk district of Seoul.
The singer, who has gone through controversy this summer for driving under the influence of alcohol, previously expressed that he would take a hiatus from the entertainment industry to reflect on his actions. After contemplating on what community service he would volunteer for, he chose to work with disabled children.
Nichkhun has been visiting the care center and spending time with the children regularly since two weeks ago, showing that this is not a one-time charity stunt for the singer. In addition, it’s reported that Nichkhun may have chosen the facility as he is a Buddhist himself.
Many are noticing his secret act of kindness, but it was revealed that the singer did not want the news getting out publicly. Nichkhun chose to keep his volunteer work a secret as there might be backlash or negative public opinion. As a result, Nichkhun requested to volunteer in secrecy, and JYP Entertainment had agreed to respect his decision.
The staff of the facility seemed very cautious about speaking on the matter as well. One representative stated, “Nichkhun is here as any other volunteer, so it’s difficult to speak on the matter.”
In addition, other employees did not know the details of how Nichkhun spent his time at the care center, however, they did notice that he did not speak much. Neighborhood residents seemed unaware that Nichkhun had been volunteering although he had been visiting for two weeks.
Recently however, the news of Nichkhun’s community service has been spreading through social networking sites. A couple posts on an SNS site stated, “I saw Nichkhun volunteering today and just heard that today is 2PM’s 4-year anniversary. It made me take a second look at Nichkhun who carried out a meaningful act on a meaningful day,” and “This is the Disabled Children Facility. Nichkhun memorized each of the childrens’ names, helped them get washed up, fed them, and cleaned diligently~ He volunteered wholeheartedly,” and more.
The 2PM member’s DUI came as a shock to many fans who loved the singer. However, because the singer came clean about his wrongdoing and took time to genuinely reflect on his actions instead of trying to hide his mistake, many are noticing the sincerity in Nichkhun’s act of service.
In addition, as much as this volunteer act was one he began on his own will, the singer plans to continue until he feels at ease with himself.
Meanwhile, many fans are awaiting Nichkhun’s return with 2PM after his time of introspection.
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2PM’s Nichkhun Has Been Secretly Volunteering at a Disabled Childrens′ Center
Since laying low and away from the spotlight since his DUI accident, fans have been wondering how 2PM’s Nichkhun has been spending his time.
On September 7, various news outlets began reporting Nichkhun had been spending time volunteering at a welfare center for children with disabilities since approximately two weeks ago.
The news was confirmed by JYP Entertainment which shared the singer had been volunteering at a Buddhist disability center in Seoul’s Seongbok-gu since about two weeks ago. The singer was revealed to be taking time self-reflecting and was purposely meaning to do so while volunteering quietly.
The agency added the singer purposely sought out a Buddhist-related center as the singer is a Buddhist and was shocked to find the press had discovered what he had been doing.
Nichkhun secretly volunteers at facility for children with disabilities
2PM member Nichkhun has set out to volunteer secretly while he takes time for introspection.
Recently it has been verified that Nichkhun has been volunteering at a Buddhist welfare facility for children with disabilities in Sungbuk-gu, Seoul since two weeks ago. It has been revealed that while Nichkhun is taking the time to reflect on the accident he recently had while driving under the influence, he has decided to volunteer to help some of the children with disabilities and he is said to be visiting everyday to help.
It appears that the choice of the facility to volunteer may have had to do with the fact that Nichkhun himself is a Buddhist.
Even though it has already been two weeks, Nichkhun has been volunteering strictly in secret as he feared some negative backslash after the scandal and the management company has kept it a secret for him in respect to his opinion. The staff at the facility is also refraining from any comments regarding Nichkhun.
However, the fact of Nichkhun’s good deed is spreading through social networks just the same. Many who have witnessed Nichkhun at the facility are sending out positive message about the star.
Nichkhun’s actions reflect nothing but sincerity at this time and he is planning to continue the volunteer activities for now as it is not something he is doing to ‘show’ but really to ‘do’. Hopefully Nichkhun will come back to the fans as a member of 2PM soon.
Source: Star N News via Nate

2PM’s Nichkhun Spotted Volunteering at a Welfare Institution for Children with Disabilities
Recently, it has been confirmed that 2PM‘s Nichkhun has been volunteering at a Buddhist welfare facility for the disabled for approximately two weeks now. After being charged with DUI, Nichkhun decided to take some time off for self-reflection. He wanted to give back to the society during this time and as a result, he decided to volunteer for children with disabilities. It seems like he chose this particular institution based on his own religious affiliation.
Nichkhun has been diligently visiting this institution daily for about two weeks to spend time with the children. However, no one knew about his community service during this time, as Nichkhun himself did not want his community service to be advertised publicly as the news could cause some condemnation from the public belittling his sincere efforts to give back to the society as a show or publicity stunt. JYP Entertainment respected such decision and helped him keeping his secret.
The institution was also very cautious and hesitant in discussion Nichkhun’s community service. An official of the institution commented, “He is just one of the volunteers. We cannot discuss any details about what he does here.” The employees at the institution also avoided talking about Nichkhun or some of them were completely aware of the news. The residents in the neighborhood also had no idea that Nichkhun has been visiting their community daily.
Nonetheless, the news regarding Nichkhun’s community service started to spread out online through SNS. Fellow volunteers at the institution wrote, “I saw Nichkhun during community service today. Apparently it’s 2PM’s fourth anniversary today. He did something meaning on a very meaningful day,” and “This is the welfare institute for children with disabilities. Nichkhun has been so sincere and diligent. He memorized every child’s name, fed them, and cleaned them.”
Since Nichkhun had been appealing to the public as “decent, diligent, proper young man,” the news about his DUI was more shocking than ever. However, he quickly admitted his faults and sincerely apologized instead of trying to cover up his mischief. The volunteering work he has been doing is proving that Nichkhun is taking this matter seriously and trying to redeem himself in the eyes of the public with sincerity. As Nichkhun made the decision to volunteer all by himself and this  is not a one-time only publicity stunt, he plans on continuing volunteering.

2PM’s Nichkhun gives back to the community
Shunned by the public for driving under the influence, 2PM‘s Nichkhun has chosen to compensate for his accident by volunteering at a welfare center during his time off.
JYP Entertainment announced on the 7th of September that Nichkhun personally chose to volunteer as he believed that it was his responsibility. The agency shared that he had been visiting the children from the center for two weeks already. A representative from JYP revealed that Nichkhun had intentions to continue volunteering:
“It was his decision. He wanted to do volunteer work in quiet and to keep it quiet. He will continue his volunteer work for a while. He doesn’t have any special plan except for that.”
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