Friday, August 10, 2012

2PM Nichkhun to remain the endorsement model for "It’s skin".

Good New for Nichkhun's Fan out there!!! After getting caught for drunk driving, 2PM member Nichkhun has been placed under a lot of scrutiny and criticism. Many of the companies that have used him as an endorsement model have began reconsidering whether they would keep him, and some, such as Caribbean Bay, have already edited him out of their advertisements

However, the skin care brand It’s Skin has said that they will still keep Nichkhun as their endorsement model with the reason being that Nichkhun has already shown remorse and regret over his actions and is currently reflecting upon his behavior. As a result, he will still be the face of It’s Skin.
Meanwhile, Nichkchun has temporarily halted all activities for the time being for reflection on his behavior.

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