Monday, July 9, 2012

Perkahwinan Irma Hasmie dan Redza Syah Azmeer...

Tanggal 29 Jun 2012 yang lalu... Kedua dua pasangan diatas, Redza Syah Azmeer bersama pasangannya Irma Hasmie telah sah menjadi suami isteri. With all that happens, I accidentally looking at their Ijab Qabul ceremony held at Putrajaya (if not mistaken) through youtube. You may view the video under Awan Studio channel :) What I can is, both of them have open my eyes on how Islamic Wedding can be so0o0o0 BEAUTIFUL...

As it was written in Al-Quran, "Perempuan yang baik, hanya untuk lelaki yang baik". Ternyata, pasangan ini telah membuktikannya. Pertemua pertama Irma Hasmie bersama suaminya di Kota Makkah sewaktu menunaikan umrah telah membuka pintu hati Redza Syah Azmeer untuk menjadi Irma Hasmie sebagai Suri Hidupnya...

Through all reading about both of them, I have read an articles on how Redza fall in love with Irma on his first sight. He saw Irma in front Ka'abah and he was mesmerizing everything on Irma Hasmie. Subhanallah... This is what we call "JODOH DARI ALLAH".

So, muslim girls out there, believes in yourself and learn to be better than today. InsyaALLAH... Allah will leads you to the right path. Put all your hearts to ALLAH and ALLAH will gives your heart to a MAN that can leads you to JANNAH... insyaALLAH... Just keep on praying, loves smiling, never stop giving and be good to everyone,ok?

Below are some of their wedding pictures :) Hope my dearies will enjoy...

Irma and Redza I

Unique Wedding Rings

Irma and Redza II

Irma and Redza III

Nurul Syazwani Sohahuddin (Nurul)
09 July 2012 12:08pm


  1. It is beautiful.. :) I really love this couple and I'm happy for them.. I hope I can get married soon.. InsyaAllah..

    1. Safiyyah... InsyaALLAH...Just pray to ALLAH always that one day you will find a right person at the right time in the right place. Amin... ^^