Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Nichkhun Accident 24.07.2012

Nichkhun on the night of the accident
From what I've read about Nichkhun's accident in NSTP this morning really2 makes me having a SUPER HEART ATTACK. It is because of Nichkhun involves in an accident plus it happened on my mother's birthday. Further more, in the articles saying that he is Driving under Alcohol Influences. What happened? Why this accident can be happened? Where is everybody? Where are the other 2PM members? Hope everything will going just fine! We will waited until the investigation result come out!

Here are the pictures of the accident's place situation in Gangnam:-
The Motocyclist

Nichkhun's car 1

Nichkhun's car 2

25.07.2012 9:39am Wednesday

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