Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Busy Week...

Sigh... What should i say. This week is my busy week. Luckily, i have my own time to eat and shooping for my own desire. Actually, my friends said, i'm not so buzy but i just get myself so buzy. Bukan apa, Hunny tak nak pikir yang bukan2. At least, when i'm busy, i don't have much time to thinks crap. If you know what i mean? Last night, p0wn, i was quite tension with all the works and assignments getting heavier each day. Apa yang Hunny harap, that everything will be fine coz i just have 6 weeks for my Final Examination. Next week, i have to attend for OM Day, and next 2 weeks, i have to attend 1 invitation to Putrajaya under Nature's Lover Club.
Tapi tak pew, dalam sesibuk kerja Hunny, sempat lagi i ate at McD Gopeng yesterday night. Thanks to one of my Buddies, Izzat! Ur the best,Bro.

Things to do this week:-
1. Kene gi Kedai Banner amek Banner and print the Banner. After that, kne gi Unit Korporat to get permission. Nak gantung kat depan UiTM p0wn bkn senang,tau?
2. Kne call the factory before next week for distributing questionnaire and have 2 interviews at the same time
3. Make some lists for Program Anak Angkat Tualang Sekah
4. Find articles for Quality Management class
5. Buat questions for the interview session
6. Print the journals yang Puan Wan Narita nak
7. Call part 2 bayar RM15 utk yuran keahlian
8. Print esaimen En Addin and print class note dye.
9. Pinjam beg Ijat
10. Gi BSN check card
11. Duit sewa rumah!!!

Urm... i think that's all for now,kot? ini utk this week. I dunno i can make it or not? Giler tak giler? Tapi rasanya dah hampir gler gak r... I going crazy with my days and my English language yang dah berterabur gler2 because i have stop Skyping wiht my Toronto friends since last 2 weeks because of this coming workloads.

I wish... Everything will going smoothly and steadily. InsyaALLAH... Amin... Pray for me and wish me Luck always. I wanna your support and love from you guys out there. Not because Hunny "KURANG KASIH SAYANG" but Hunny really NEED you warmth loves out there...With your loves, i can be stronger each days. InsyaALLAH...

I got to go... Till then,Love you and Take care...

BPR class
2/3/2011- 11:13 am


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