Thursday, January 17, 2013

My Idol, Mejar Dr. Faiz Khaleed Part 1

Sunway Carnival Mall, 12.01.2013
Holla!!! At last!!! I finally met him!!! For almost 8 years I adore him as my Idol. At last, Allah had accepted my prayer for so long to meet and have a picture with him. His name is MEJAR DR. FAIZ KHALEED.

 I met him on last Saturday during Fear Factor Zone at Sunway Carnival Mall, Seberang Jaya. I never ever really expect that I can meet him close up one day for the rest of my life! Memang tak sangka sangat2 yang Nurul akan jumpa bertentang mata dengan dia. Thanks to Astro and Fear Factor Malaysia. J

Mejar Dr. Faiz Khaleed and Me 

I almost cried and fainted at first I saw him. My hands turn cold and my hearts beating fast due to nervousness. No matter various kind of stories I heard about him, good and bad about him, I still adore him as my Idol and I take his good and positive site of him. I still remember his principals of life. “Cabaran adalah satu permainan. Letakkan akal dan anda pasti akan mengatasi segalanya.”

Alhamdulillah… I still can’t even believe that I have met my Idol in person. I’ve got lots of comment on my picture with him from my Diploma friends for UiTM Perak class of 2006-2009 who were really close to me knows how I adore Mejar Dr. Faiz Khaleed so much as my Idol, how he can be my pain healer once I get sick before, how he turns to be my alarm clock and how he can be my virtual guardians and spirit during my examination from 2006 J Your rock my WORLD, MEJAR DR FAIZ KHALEED J

Well, I let you guys know how I started to adore him and make him as my Idol on the next post,ok? Gidarikeyo (Please wait) пожалуйста, подождите J

Lots of Love,
Thursday 17.01.2013

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