Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Istanbul, I'm Coming!!!

Istanbul Aku Datang Movie Review
Halo0o0o Dearies and Darlings,

Well, as you all can see above picture. Today, I nak cter kat korang pasal one Malay film that is attracted me to watch it. Actually it is all because of Lisa Surihani and Beto Khusairy. I think you guys can figured out what movie is it, isnt't? Yeah! Its"Istanbul Aku Datang"!!!

EXCITED! EXCITED! EXCITED! So, last Friday, 9/11/2012, Me and my Girls went watching this movie at the nearest cinema. I am so lucky to get the best seated with my girls. So, let me straight to the point,Darlings. Well, Istanbul Aku Datang is fully shooting in Istanbul. It's started with Aya Sofia Mosque interior with Lisa Surihani Adlib on it. Check out those pictures below ^^
Aya Sofia 1

Aya Sofia 2

Aya Sofia 3
As for me, Istanbul Aku Datang movie is just nice. It has cute plot with amazing actors and actresses. Not only our Malaysian artists but also Istanbul artists too ^^ What i like about this movie, for me it simple and just nice to watch. If I am been given an opportunity to put a star on this film. I choose to give them 4 STARS. Hehe... Is it too many? Well, this is my stars and I've got the right to put how many I like for sure, isn' it? Hehehe...

Next, about the shooting places taken. For me, it is just average rather than nothing. What I can see that mostly they are more focusing to Aya Sofia's Mosque as Dian' Dream that she wants to get married with Azad in Aya Sofia's Mosque. Well, all I can say is the mosque is s0o0o0o fantastic.

Urm... Should I wrote down all the synopsis??? I think you guys should go and watch it all by yourself and feels the journey of Dian to Istanbul to search for her TRUE LOVE.

For a simple introduction, let me introduces you with the main actors and actress,ok?
Lisa Surihani- Dian
Beto Khusairy - Hariss
Tomok- Azad
Before I stop right here, I wanna share with you about a cute scene and annoying scene in my point of view.
1. The cute scene :-
Cute scene of all when Dian riding a cute scooter with Hariss to go sightseeing in Istanbul
 2. The annoying scene :-
Such an annoying scene when Azad try to kiss Dian this scene.  I have my reason why I think this is annoying. If you wanna know why, you should watch this movie and for those who have watched this movie, I think you will know why I felt it was s0o0o0o annoying. Hahahaha...
Phewww!!! I think that's all for now, Dearies and Darlings. So, don't for get to watch the movie and you may leaves some comment here,ok? Till then, chowzZz!!!

Hikari Dean
14.11.2012, Wednesday

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