Monday, November 1, 2010

Telepathy For Me?

Telepathy as orang yang bijak pandai said, it is a connection through mind within one person to another... So, after I have read all the journal and article on Telepathy, not all, just several of them. Hehe... I can concluded that, i believe that Telepathy exist. I dunno what to say but yeah its kind of weird for me.

In those journals and articles, they said telepathy can be done if one person have closest relationship with someone else but for me, i dunno how to described my relationship with this creature... (Actually, its a human, a guy)

Tell you all, i can tell everybody that i'm gonna meet him or not by using telepathy without him knowing too... If he wants to come to my house or we will meet each other at any other places without contacting or knowing each other or in other words coincidently, my heartbeats will running faster as i'm seeing a ghost, my hands and legs will get numb and shiver, and i feel very uncomfortable as i'm going to have high fever or goin to die. Why???

When , i read to those journals and experiments done by expertise, they said that i have real close connection with him. If i have real close connection with someone, i will completely involve if physical, mental and emotional. Then, how bout him??? I will ask him later, if i meet him... Hmm...

Am i really fall in love with him or are we having a family connection within each other? But they said that telepathy can't be done if it just involve with one part only. There must be 2 main roles playing... I just can't comment on this. Only ALLAH knows well... We just let it be. It's Allah Job! Kita hanya berserah pada Allah Maha Esa.

But dun worry,guys... I'll will investigate myself and tell ya all,later.

Till then, Take Care...

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